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June 15, 2009


Now they're using carrots.

(Thanks to Chris Lawson and Siouxie)


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I know whenever I see a bomb I think of art. What were these people thinking? It makes me wonder how bad the art was.

a swedish artist conny blom
taped up carrots to look like a bomb
though the title was 'bunny'
it wasn't so much funny
as exceedingly, annoyingly dumb!

Well, aren't we supposed to be moved by art? The Orebro police force certainly were.

I guess carrots are not good for your eyes when they're blown into sharp little bits that blind you.

We had a guy at the local college of art pull a stunt like this, but his art project bombs looked even more real. Caused the evacuation of a major museum and cancellation of a large charity function that normally brings in a couple of million for a children's hospital. The police bomb squad was not amused.

He was charged and convicted. I don't remember if he got jail time but there was a big fine and he now has a criminal record.

Insomniac, it's nice to see you poeming again.
Carrot bombs are obviously the work of the Were-rabbit. (Wallace and Grommit fan here.)

Heaven help them if they ever encounter the Cartoon Network!

Here in New Hampshire, unlicensed possession of real explosives is a misdemeanor.

However, simulating an explosive is a Class A Felony, with up to a 15-year jail term.

I blame Bugs Bunny.

Ehhh, what' up doBLAM.

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