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June 30, 2009


(Thanks to Barbara A)


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And today's weather forecast is patches of light, followed by plenty of dark.

This just in: bear sh!ts in the woods.

Video at 11.

Also in this issue:

Scientists Say Ground Made Of Earth
Restaurant To Serve Food
Sunburn Cause Discovered

Say what you will about the journalistic integrity of the Trentonian, but they have a bikini babe on page 6 every day. But I just read the paper for the articles.


Although a serious matter, I'd bet the headline writer really enjoyed putting that in print. At least I would have. But my sense of humor never evolved much past third grade.

Hey, it was either this story, or they'd have to resort to their emergency headline:

This is just a hunch here, but I think this may lead to further discoveries.

It's always the last place you look.

um, studies show that rich people have more money than poor people.

who knew.

Color me gobsmacked.

At least it's not about Michael Jackson, may he r.i.p.

Half of all Americans are below average.

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