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June 04, 2009


...it’s the perfect brush for achieving natural looking, undetectable cleavage!

(Thanks to Danny)


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And, it won't get confiscated by middle school authorities.

Undetectable, you say? I'LL be the judge of that!

As an expert in such matters I can say authoritatively that the very definition of "cleavage" is that it be detectable.

We're supposed to put makeup on our breastesses?? judi's not gonna like this.

Ooooh. Library of Secrets, Library of Secrets!

I'd have to go with judi on this one. Sometimes it's hard enough to put make up on my face much less running a highlighter brush on my cleavage to make it undetectable. Besides most men like for it to be detectable I think. If not they can look elsewhere.

Hmm. I've never tasted detected cleavage makeup. Who knew???

so then, they would be a fignewton of someone's imagination?
if you put enuf makeup on your boobies do they just LOOK bigger??? or will men then ask - hey, you got some nice makeup on your... uh, or, can i come over and help you with your boob makeup...., etc.
I dont think so.


And then they would say, "My mom does that, too."

Round and round.

I can't wait to be stuck in traffic, behind some bimbo...oops!...I mean a rushed female professional who's putting on THIS kind of makeup in the car!

It might even make the Palmetto Expressway tolerable for us Miami folks!

"Honey, does this makeup make my boobs look big??"


Library of Secrets Manual: This coveted instruction manual will give you simple to follow step by step instructions on how you can sculpt your breasts to appear their sexiest!

So, is that what she uses?

Anyway, I'm with Sharkie and cindy on this.

What's next?? Lipstick on the hooha??

Siouxz, it ain't the color of the lipstick, it's the size of the applicator.

Cheesie, you can't have the 'Library of Secrets'. It's only for us ladies, because .... then they wouldn't be secrets.

If it's undetectable, how would know if it's natural looking?

Maybe it's Maybeline....

Excuse me, but your breasts are running.

This is old news. I had a girlfriend back in the 60's who's cleavage was totally invisible.

As an expert in such matters I can say authoritatively that the very definition of "cleavage" is that it be detectable.

Posted by: MartiniShark | June 04, 2009 at 09:56 AM

BOY you said a mouthful, Sharkie. Or a handful....

This sounds like the title of a movie: "National Treasure 3: Library of Secrets". It might not be kid-friendly, though.

"Waterproof and Sweatproof Bust Shadows and Highlighters" OK but what about ...ah...oh nevermind.

I'll just add that I hate the taste of makeup.
gums up the tongue.

Makes the motorboat messier.

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