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June 26, 2009


A toilet made from poop.

(Thanks to James)


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But if you DID put your finger on it, you'd need to wash it. >< Ew.

That is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. And as a nurse, I've seen a lot of disgusting stuff. YUCK!

From a "green" website whose motto is "design will save the world", I am not surprised in the least.

Hell, some of those enviro-weirdos think the flush toilet is one of the worstest things that ever happened to precious Mother Gaia...

Anyone seen Punkin latele?

That would be...latelY

bleah. eww. yyyuckie.

I know all the ladies would be impressed with the gift of a "poo gem" from a gentleman admirer...

Also, does anybody really believe the "odor-free" BS? (Har!)

Is it the color, Dave? Or maybe the lack of matching, silken-edged, embroidered plush towels that you're not allowed to touch with your own personal hands?

Ain't that some sh!t?

An actual crapper.

Somehow, Al Gore will make money off of this

If he isn't an investor, The Goracle probably receives a "tithe".

I like to flush and forget. I do not need momentos of last night's dinner

A coprophiliac's dream. *gag* It actually looks like what it's made of, which is probably not the brightest idea if they expect to sell any....

How about Kleenex made from snot? Perfect recycling.

Note to self: Do not come back to an undeveloped country next life, thereby avoiding crappy (rim shot) sanitation...

oooooooooooooookay. so it's a bucket made out of dung that holds a plastic baggie. can't we just give poor people colonostomys and save all this hassle??

Actually, this is kinda cool. Except for that second photo in the gallery, which is disturbing.

If you’d like to help "push" the project along... *SNORKS!*

But I'm making a $100 donation just to get the deer-head candle holder!!!

Something's wrong with it... like... paying for it.

Do you have it in any other color? Bleeding ulcer red? No thanks.

Dang, I already flushed my 401K down a conventional toilet. I could at least have gotten some energy for it.

*chokesnork* @ Loudmouth! OMG - you made me LMAO!!!

Meanie, don't you know that the plush, embroidered towels are for guests only? And if you're a guest in someone's home and you see they have some out like that, wipe your hands on your pants. If you don't they will talk about you when you leave.
"Can you believe he used the 'good' towels?"
I have some myself.

cindy, did you mean you have some "good towels" yourself, or "hands on your pants" yourself?

Good towels and NOBODY uses them. In fact a good friend of mine was at my house and he asked me if he could use a towel in the guest bathroom. It was an old one but I didn't tell him. He thought it was a good one and felt very privileged.

...features a biodegradable lining that stores excrement in a sealed, odor-free container.

It's a Diaper Genie!

It's made of horse manure...
"My Little Poo-ny"

or...."Poo-loo Pony"

I would think for the poo loo to keep its form, they'd have to seal the poo in heavy dooty polyurethane, which is not exactly earth-friendly material.

Annie, I know you mean poo-lyurethane, right?


As long as this discussion does not degrade into someone talking about a "poo-go stick"... (I don't mean to remind nc of the days of "dig-stim," but I suppose I already have...)

Can I just say "No, Thanks" and go on the grass like God intended?

Have we been stuck on this toilet all day?????


It's not like Dave or Judi to not post something. Hope everything is okay.

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea for us to have that chili cook off last night on the blog.

*tap* *tap* Is this thing on?????

judi posted on another post that she was having computer problems. Maybe that's it. I'd be happy with one new post so I didn't have to look at the title of this one anymore.

Isn't that from a C!alis commercial, Sioux?

Maybe Dave is out trying to beat the heat, cindy.

By the way, you'll be happy to hear that tomorrow I'm back on the chain gang on jury duty.

Good morning, all.

Jeff, I've decided that if I'm called to jury duty again I'm going to tell them I believe in the death penalty for everything. Speeding ticket? Too bad. I really don't but maybe it will scare them enough to LEAVE ME ALONE! I always get picked and always end up as the foreman. I think it's because I've worked in the jail as a nurse and in the ER and so I know all the attorney's in town so they trust me. hahahaha. If they only knew......I guess it's better the nut you know than the one you don't.

Whatever the problem is, blame it on the terrorist squirrels.

NC, it's rea-aalll easy... They know the gene jury pool is going to picked to be peers of the degenerate perpetrator person who is innocent until proven guilty... They also know everyone is going to bring a book to read while they wait to be called and interviewed... Just take in Rush's "See, I Told You So" or something by Ann Coulter or Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged." The defense counsel has the right to three dismissals of potential jurors without cause, and I guar-ahn-tee you'll be the first!!

p.s. If you wear a T-shirt of Chuck Helton holding a rifle above his head with the words, "From my cold, dead fingers..." on it, you don't even get interviewed...

Siouxie told me... (only it was a machete, not a rifle...)

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