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June 29, 2009


She will create plaster cast moulds of women's behinds to try to understand their place in contemporary culture.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, Ralph, Baron vonKlyff and catmanmax)


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First boffin to sign up... *G*

Butt, is it art?

I MUST apply for a gov't grant to study the effect of chocolate on PMSing women.

For my Cuban buttage...we're gonna need a lot more plaster.

Twenty thousand pounds? That's a fair haul o' booty! Arrrr....

Plaster cast moulds of women's behinds have no place in contemporary culture, so far as I know. They may have a place in my den, though.

Well, I'm bummed.

Twenty thousand quid to study women's butts, and here I'd be willing to do it for free.

I'm stymied by the accompanying photo of women in safety-orange leotards with black leather belts, handcuffs and billy clubs. Who ARE those women?!

Does this plaster make my butt look big?

RIP BILLY MAYS!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, Layzee - belated happy birthday!!!

Mot, most men already do it for free but no one pays any attention to their research. How do people get this research money? I would be happy to study men's bottoms for a small fee in case someone who is reading this has some annoying research money laying around they want to get rid of.

Two sacks of portland cement would be about right for most. No need even for the water.

Perhaps we could start with Kim Jung-Il and Ahmad imadinnerjacket. (Sorry can't spell his last name)
I'm trying to continue the blog curse on those we make fun of.

I will forever call him imadinnerjacket now, thanks to you ncindy. I love it.
It reminds me of a scene in 'Office Space' when they can't pronounce Samir's name and call him Samir Not-gonna-work-here-anymore.

I don't know if it's art but when I see it, I'll know if I like it. The real issue here is of course pimples. Is this researcher going to DO anything about the male pinple on the rear end problem? Which raises the interesting question, what IS she going to do for that money?

I just love seeing the moons in the Sun.

I strongly suspect that Sue was a man at one time.Also that in this case,liquor does not have to be involved.

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