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June 28, 2009


And look where it gets you.

(Thanks to nursecindy, Jeff Meyerson and Cynthia)


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I'm guessing it wasn't the kind of "interest" he was seeking.

Key confession: Jefferson told Martinez, "If you said I did it, then I did it," according to the report.

They really Wachovia at that bank.

Which is why I always use the ATM for deposits. A clean getaway.

At least he was smart enough to shut up.

I hate getting in line behind people making these deposits. You have to wait for the teller to call a local drug pusher and see what the going rate is on the streets and then the depositor always argues that it's worth more. And they NEVER have a deposit slip.

Man, I'd hate to be there when he went through "withdrawal".

Mmm... how did that teller know it was drugs? Did he try some and say (as the light bulb went on over his head) "I recognise that taste..."
This is the kind of bank "service" that we have come to expect these days... Maybe this poor man was just trying to bribe the bank teller into better, more efficient service.

Call me naive but if I saw a bag containing white powder or crystals, I would immediately think flour or crystalized sugar. But then maybe I've been in the kitchen too long. (Thinks about putting a deposit of self-raising flour in envelope with cash next time I go to the bank, but dismisses it as all kinds of security questions would be asked and my picture would be on front page, delaying my preparations for dinner!)

I wondered if the guy was giving it to the teller and maybe the boss saw it and the teller decided to act like he didn't know him. Of course it could just be my suspicious nature.

Perhaps he wanted a higher rate of interest.

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