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June 30, 2009


Wacky hijinks!

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Tissue? I don't even know you.

♫ Don't go breakin' my heart... ♪

I thought this happened in San Francisco.

Save the liver!

I love you with all my tissue.

I tissue you.

I'm just glad my doctor didn't do this during my colonoscopy, IYKWIM.

I live in Colorado Springs, and we have two big hospitals, including Memorial. I think, should I have the need and choice, I will use the other one.

You gotta throw heart...
When your nurse won't play her part!
If she won't treat you like a king
That's when the fling should start!

Sounds like something a surgeon would do. I worked with a surgeon once that threw a uterus on the floor but he didn't actually throw it at anybody. I'm not sure who picked it up because I fainted. I DO NOT do O.R. I prefer the E.R.

is there a 'five-second' rule for uteruses?

and *snork* at ford!

So surgeon and heart surgery are sponsored by Bing, but hospital is not?

They just didn't have the heart to fire him.

So that's what Janis was howling about...?

Hey, I was using that uterus!

She said, "Hey, cut that out." And so he did.

A former girlfriend used to be a nurse in that hospital. I'm betting that today she's glad she isn't anymore.

(Psst, ShadowKatmandu -- good call, definitely go with Penrose.)

Which, WriterDude?


Some people just have really bad senses of humor. I'm sure some people think I'm talking about the doctor and some people think it's the nurse.

If you can't stand the heart, get out of the kitchen.

Was Janis Joplin behind one of those facemasks?

I'm telling!

You broke the unwritten code, Sonja, you ratted on your friends. When you do that Sonja, your enemies don't respect you. You got no friends no more. You got nobody, Sonja.

cj: Both, I assure you. So would she.

as always tell my patients, we only act crazy because we are.

food fight?

Sometimes doctors and nurses have bizarre senses of humor and find things funny that others wouldn't. You have to do this to keep from letting the bad stuff keep you awake at night. Or worse let it drive you crazy.
M'ville, this was probably a new nurse who hadn't learned this yet although I'm not saying what he did was right.

Don't go throwin' my heart....

Okay, true story. My ob-gyn did a Frisbee throw with placenta once. I find this hysterical. The dad in question did as well, in hindsight. At the moment, he fainted.

We make far too much out of not much.

Clarification, I am in no way related to any of the above.

Heart surgery is very critical operation.

I don't think there is a lighter side on this. Heart procedures are of life and death. It is a very delicate procedure that leaves all in anxiety.

I like how you described the lighter side of heart surgery. It's a life and death situation and it's always important to be careful with the procedure.

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