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June 26, 2009


There have been some important advances.

(Thanks to Brian Clay and Siouxie)


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Great minds thinking alike again, huh!

Let your fingers do the walking.

Now THERE is a company that knows how to unveil a product.

I'm guessing it's 'Boob Day' on the blog.

^5 Brian!!!

"Wonderbra spent two years researching and developing the technology..."
They could have been done in two weeks, but they were having too much fun.

Technology like this will put deviants gentleman like me out of work reach.

I guess Allen will have to find something else to do with his hands.

I wonder, do they have a Howard Hughes award for bra design?

At last a worthwhile idea! I volunteer to help out.

That takes care of the top, what about the bottom? Italians want to know.

I am disappointed with the picture. It clearly says "enlarge" but it only makes the picture bigger.

Two years to develop the technology? I guess I'll have to wait for the ultimate anti-aging technology that lifts EVERYTHING.

Snork, Noodle!!

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