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June 30, 2009


Francoeur said he had not worn the turkey briefs for back-to-back games all season, but will Tuesday (the Braves were off Monday, and he planned to ask his wife, Catie, to wash the underwear).

(Thanks to Jonathan)


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"As God is my witness, I've got turkeys on my fly."

um, thanks for the briefing update!

"Wash your own d@mn underwear!"

So if there is a fly-out it could mean something totally different.

"“I wore the turkey underwear,” he announced before Sunday’s game. Hanson then proceded to pitch six scoreless innings Sunday and the Braves beat the Red Sox, 2-1."

If he would wear it for every game against the Red Sox, I'd buy him a dozen pairs.

Ummm not funny sorry!:{

Wouldn't work, Braniff....you're not his wife. At list I don't think you are.

Current poll results:
Do you have a pair of lucky skivvies?

Yes 37.65% 401
No 62.35% 664


  1. So many people have voted on a poll on this topic
  2. that The Blog didn't think of first
  4. That Catie Francoeur's laundry habits are now published in a major newspaper


They make underwear out of turkey? White meat or dark?

Breaking news: The New York Yankees have just announced a seven-year, $36 billion deal with Fru!t Of The Lo0m to furnish holiday-themed underwear for their team exclusively.

Wasn't there a "bacon underwear" story here last week or so?

Who gives presents at Thanksgiving?

Well turkey is the perfect thing to go with your giblets.


Well, whenever he's up to bat, we know to expect a couple of fowl balls.

Does he have a streak with his lucky drawers, or do his lucky drawers have a streak?

Inquiring minds need to get a life.

Overheard in the locker room: "The giblets go in the front, big guy."

Gotta ask - Catie, how much, um, stuffing did you need?

Can't wait to hear the opposing fans yelling, "Gobble, gobble!"

Looks as though Turkey Shorts came through in the end. Braves 5, Phils 4 in extra innings.

We'll take his word for it.

I would like to note that the Braves won their game today. Where can I get a pair of turkey briefs?

I'm gonna sic PETA on his @ss....literally.

Francoeur...hmmm...must be French or Canadian. Ergo, a curveball.



Can someone please PLEASE turn OFF the rain???


*We now return you to your regularly scheduled turkey basting program*

Darn, they actually worked. Now he'll probably wear them again tomorrow. Yuck.

Turkey briefs are lucky? Wow, and turkeys are rare here in Aussie. I got to go get myself some turkey wearing briefs. Off I go, with the mating call of the turkey: gobble gobble... gobble gobble...
(I'm beginning to wonder if the whole Dave Barry/Judi thing is not a conspiracy to get us all thinking and talking like the illustrious Pulitizer-Prize Winning Mr. Dave Barry.)

Well, we finished June at 10.26 inches of rain, #2 all time after the 10.38 inches of 2003 (I believe).

Missed it by that much (geezer reference).

Happy Birthday, Punkin!

Hopefully Hanson will get them again, he's on my fantasy baseball team.

I don't even want to know about the leftovers.

Thanks, Jeff!

Normally, my birthday is in summer.
If this is global warming, it stinks.

*pops Vit. D tablet in place of sun*


We just missed beating the all-time wettest June by a tenth of an inch. Also, fifth coldest June.

The people in Coney Island and the Jersey and Long Island shores have lost a lot of business from bad weather.

I have mildew where mildew should not be.

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