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June 25, 2009


My friend, co-author and bandmate Ridley Pearson has a new book out, Killer Summer. Like the other books in the Killer series, it's a crime thriller set in Sun Valley, Idaho, where Ridley once got me to climb a tree that was like 7,000 feet tall. But you should buy the book anyway.


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Wow, look! Ridley got posted published! *runs to nearest Borders*

Killer Summer Glau?

Duuude: THANK YOU... (blushing)....

Hey Ridley!!

I was waiting for the new book. I've loved the other two.

(btw, when's the next Boldt book coming out?? ;-P

Good luck to Ridley!

Hi, Ridley!! I can't wait to read it!! (And yeah, isn't Dave awesome?)

I'll be buying it. I have all of Ridley's books and they're wonderful. btw, how far did Dave climb on the 7000 foot tree and was it really that tall? I'm thinking it was maybe 20 feet, tops.

I'll be getting that too, cindy. Ridley's gonna have to promise to sign it at the next book strumpeting.

What about if we're afraid of heights?!?!

Hey, Meanie? I heard it's your birthday!! Have a wonderful one!!

I baked you a cake!


R.I.P. Farrah...


Yeah, Siouxie, I just came by to say it. Thank you. She was an awesome lady, and she lived and died on her own terms. Rest in peace, Jill Munroe.

Thanks, I'll have to take a look at that link. As always, thanks for bring wit and sarcasm in an otherwise boring world.

Getting back to some good news....

Happy Birthday, Meanie!!!

ummm. congratulations, r.i.p. and happy birthday as needed.

"The sun is the same in a relative way, but you're older. Shorter of breath and one day closer to death..."

Happy Birthday, Meanie!!!

LOL sheesh, Hammie.

*WAVES* @ Hammie!!! LOOONG time no see! Hope all is well in Rye-land.

Happy Day, Meanie. Mine's Saturday so that makes you two days older than me.

RIP, Farrah. In the '70s that poster taught me a lot about self-love IYKWIM

Ridley's next up on my reading list.

Let's see...did I miss anything?

In case I forgets....

Happy Birthday, Layzee!

Yay Ridley! A new Walt book! Just in time for my trip to the beach in a couple of weeks.

SMACK, Siouxie. The good kind I mean.

*Scatters congratulations and condolences throughout thread* Please distribute appropriately.

So, this book is about a guy in a blue shirt who's murdered by being pushed out of a 7000-foot tree?

^5 Renee. Girl, you always make me laugh. :)

Happy birthday, Layzee! When is (or was) it?

*Basks in the birthday good will*

Approximately 2.5 hours to Comfortably Numb hour.

of course i read that as shameless pug which would be entirely different.

I guess this card is innocent enough...

Happy Birthday, Meanie!

*smooch* backatcha, Layzee!

Birthday boys...don't forget I am available for spankings

If you've read one killer summer book, you've read them all.

And suddenly it's every blog guy's birthday thanks to Siouxie. Happy Birthday also layzee. You know what would be a good book? Ridley to write about trying to kill somebody who winds up getting hurt and going into hiding. Dave writing about the experiences the guy has while going into hiding. Stephen King throwing in some chapters about what awaits him while hiding. And P.J. O' Rourke could tell how hiding in the U.S. is different from hiding in Europe. All in one book. I'd read it.

Cindy, you're brilliant! :)

Siouxie - getting or giving?

Work filter is NOT treating me like it's a B'Day. Grrrrr.

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*
*Waves @ Diva!!!*

Meanie, Layzee, birthday wishes from across the ocean.

Confederation cup update. Brazil 1, SA 0. A goal in the 88th minute. Sunday night final will be between the USA and Brazil. The street vendors have already been selling the Red, White and Blue on the street corners today.

Sorry to hear that SA won't be in the final, Mot.

Steve H, that's a great blog birthday card!

Michael Jackson has died!

o/t RIP Michael Jackson. Two icon's gone in one day! Like him or not there will never be another one like him.

Mot, I'd like to know where you got this; I just turned on the TV and both CNN and Fox News will only say he was rushed to the hospital in "full cardiac arrest" which for someone his age is remarkable enough...

This is shaping up to be one HELL of a day. I just heard that Cindy. I'm absolutely stunned.

ABC and TMZ are reporting that he is dead Steve. The others probably are waiting for verification but from what I've seen they're waiting for his mother to get to the hospital. Total cardiac arrest, unless it is witnessed and CPR is started immediately, is almost always fatal.

Poor Meanie -- what a thing to have happen on your birthday!

while we're bringing out our dead...not as well known as mr. jackson or ms. fawcett, betty allen has also passed. that makes three. we can all relax now.

Actually, none of the news giants out there (MSNBC, Fox, or CNN) have confirmed MJ's death. Only TMZ has announced it on their Web site.

First, Ed McMahon. Then Farrah. Now Michael?

Hell of a couple of days in Hollywood.

By the way, cindy, they don't need me to report for jury duty tomorrow either.

Oops, cindy - didn't see your note there.

Now the LA Times is saying he's dead.

Now the LA Times is saying he's dead.

CNN is announcing that he's in a coma.

Diva, MSNBC and Fox are also reporting he is in a coma.

Now MSNBC is reporting he is dead.

CNN now says that he is dead. I am in shock.

I pray that he now has the peace which eluded him through his earthly life.

Before I knew Farrah had cancer, this blog ran a post about where the sex symbols were now, and I made a poor joke about her looks. I was never an MJ fan, and have made jokes about him as well. But I do believe life is precious, and my thoughts and prayers go out to their families and friends. Bobby Bare did a song many years ago, with the chorus being: "Nashville is Rough on the Living, But It Sure Speaks Well of the Dead." 'Reckon it's the same in Hollywood as in Nashville... Mea culpa on any previous things I've said.

This has been a killer summer day.

I remember as a kid singing "ABC. It's easy as 123." over and over in the back seat of the car. It was all I knew of the song. After about 30 times my Dad turned around and threatened to put me out of the car. I still like that song and loved the Jackson 5.

Dang. What a day. First Farrah now Michael. This does steal her thunder but it's sad nonetheless. Just wow.

Hey...at least Meanie's alive!

Siouxie always finds the good in everything doesn't she Meanie? Has anyone heard from Meanie lately???

Is General Francisco Franco still dead?

Continue to have a Happy Birthday Meanie, and many happy returns.

I'm watching one of those "Smoking Gun" presentations on TruTV, this one devoted to "world's stupidest daredevils" or some such. One clip, apparently taped last year, shows a guy in a gorilla suit who thought it would be a great joke to burst into a store and pretend to kidnap a small boy, whose parents immediately called the police. When it was revealed the guy's name was Isaac Michael Jackson, you can imagine the comments that ensued. Of all the episodes they could have shown... I'd love to hear what the suits at TruTV are saying right about now...

Oh, they just showed those idiot Brits chasing the wheel of cheese down the hill, which made it to the blog some time back...

My 13 year old put it in wonderfully pithy fashion:

I don't know if I should feel sad, or feel safe."

(Dad is so proud)

Yes he is Meanie. So how are you celebrating your birthday? Wine, women, and song???

Happy Day, Meanie! Hope all your wishes come true.

RIP Farrah.

Good riddance, MJ. (He'll always be a pedophile to me.)

It's still Meanie's birthday? It's been, like...hours already.

Congrats, Ridley. I posted to your blog last year when you were looking for creepy true stories. I still wanna write a comedic murder mystery, but not a farce.

Well, nursec, so far it's been a day at the office, followed by an hour and a half of frisbee and catch in the park with my youngest daughter, some leftover roast chicken and a couple of beers.

(My wife had a business function tonight, so we're deferring actual celebration to the weekend).

And it's in our prenup - with good reason - that I am forbidden to sing.

Annie, for a good idea for comedic murder mysteries, watch Arthur Hiller films... doesn't do murder so much, but comedy with a dramatic twist? Nobody does better!

Don't dare me to do better, frodo...I have an idea already. What I don't have is time.

Dave, btw - you might look at Rid's book as avenging your fearful tree climb. After all, he had to kill some trees to make his book. So generally, the world is not quite so tall and scary.

Annie, I'd still like to know how tall that tree really was. Didn't Dave's son climb it also? I wish I had known that Ridley was looking for creepy, true stories. I've got a great one and it is true. Meanie, I've never heard of a prenup that forbids you to sing. There must be a very good reason.

If you've heard me sing, and recovered, then you would understand.

It's not only in the prenup, it's state law. You've heard of blue notes and blue laws, right?

We coudl use some new posts here. I'm not getting any younger, you know.

Gives Meanie a doughnut and a cup of coffee. None of us are getting any younger Meanie.

Good morning, all.

I guess Dave had a late night shilling for Ridley or something.

Or maybe he was at a Michael Jackson shrine.

OK, got nothing.

*twiddles thumbs, waits for new post*

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