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June 26, 2009


The sports and recreation committee in Malmo, Sweden, has voted to allow women to go topless in the city's swimming pools.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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So both their sports and recreation can hang out.

Free peeks at naked Swedish breasts. Why would that interest anyone?

"We don't define what bathing suits men should wear so it doesn't make much sense to do it for women.

Perhaps some regulation would be a good thing.

"And besides, it's not unusual for men to have large breasts that resemble women's breasts."

Yeah, what padraig said.

"I'm satisfied with the decision," said Bengt Forsberg, chair of the sports and recreation committee on recreation.

The decision will now be brought to the Committee on Redundant Committees for concurrence and approval.

Why can't we have such forward-thinking politicians in the US?

Or maybe they are forward thinking: about their mistresses around the world.

Lovely. Who wants to see moobs??

♫ Don't cry for me, Carolina... ♪

*SMACKS* Allen. It's like I've always said. You see one set of boobs you've pretty much seen them all. Right?

Oh, Cindy, I couldn't disagree more. The various shapes, sizes, colors...they're like snowflakes, really.

The Malmo City Council: made up of six men and two lesbians.

Scott I have to tell you. I've never thought of them as snowflakes before.

Finally, change we can believe in.

NC, in the words of Ron White, "Once you've seen one woman naked you wanna see them all naked."

I think enforcement of the old law was pretty much a bust.

If they did this in Dublin, the slogan would be "Erin Go Braless"

Considering the recent demographic trends in Malmö, I was expecting "topless" to mean "unveiled"....

So, yeah, that IS rather bold.

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