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June 26, 2009


(Thanks to Jonathan)


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why do these people get caught because of traffic and seatbelt issues. a few years back a Mexican National driving an Escalade was busted for possesion of hundreds of lbs. of weed after being pulled over by the Iowa Highway Partol for doing 100mph in a 70 zone.

if you're carrying contraband and break simple daily laws you deserve to get popped.

um that would be Highway Patrol in your universe. mine-well sometimes ...

why do these people get caught because of traffic and seatbelt issues.
AKA, DWS (driving while stupid).

Man, this stuff is deadly.

Man, this is one weak-ass blog


Nicely said, Sioux. :)

It's gone to a better place... LOL

Mourners can come to the viewing at the Funeral Home. Cheetos will be provided.

ummm, rickh, why do you think they have seat belt laws? surely you didn't think it was to save lives.

I just hate getting stopped for "seat beat" violations. Not that I would ever do that...

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