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June 04, 2009


Tomorrow is National Donut Day.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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I'm coming to work totally dunked

DARE to keep cops off of donuts.

Of course, everyone here understands that saying that to Barry Manilowa cop might not be the best idea.

That reminds me...when is national cigar day?

Homer must be thrilled.

YOu can just tell by people's faces that every day is Donut Day in America!

Why is a donut called a donut in English? Because it was originally spelled dough naught. That is to say a naught, or zero in British English, made out of dough—therefore dough naught=donut. (You have to say it with a British accent to make it sound right.)

Thanks Cliff...I mean Ken


No wonder the Germans aren't big on donuts. Would you eat something called a krapfen?

The cops have all the donut shops reserved tomorrow.

Yes, well considering that I work in a Police Department Headquarters building with about 1500 daytime employees, I'd say that there will be a lot of people running around tomorrow, acting crazy from sugar highs, their mouths stuffed with glazed and Boston creams, and not getting a single thing done all day.

Wait a minute..............
That happens every day here.

Hey everyone...What's your favorite donut?

Me, I'm a chocolate cake with toasted coconut man myself.


If anyone can tell me which chain sold a "butter crunch" donut, I'd be eternally grateful. I got one (circa 1980) in Fremont, NE when I was setting out to drive back to Colorado for Christmas break my freshman year in college, and have never found them again. I've looked at the usual suspects, Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Daylight Donuts, and no luck... I do remember it was a chain, not a mom-and-pop local donut shop, but that's all I remember, other than the fact that I nearly turned around on I-80 to go back and get a dozen!

A simple sugar raised.

Or anything chocolate

Hey everyone...What's your favorite donut?

Entenmann's, or Boston Creme.

I dunk in their general direction.


Mister Donut?

Brian, the best donut you can eat ever is a glazed Krispy Kreme that has just come out of the oven! They're fresh and have not sat around long enough for the calories and fat to settle into them. That's what I tell myself anyway. I do order them with a Diet Coke. That cancels out any calories that may have snuck in.

Just glazed for me, thankuverymucho. A dozen will suffice.

Frodo - seek out a Mister Donut. Good luck, though. They were bought by DD in the early 90's, and there aren't many left in North America. If you ever have to travel to Japan, you'll be golden.

Danny, that might just be it! I don't know if they franchise here in Colorado, but I'll look! Thanks, bud!

Frodo, perhaps Winchell's? They are not what they used to be back in the 80's, but they had stores along I-80 in Nebraska. Thought I'd help, so you don't get too frustrated and obsessed.


I bet you might have seen one or two of
in you time, huh? Me too! High school, 1am after a night of football games and "assorted '70s era partying" got me hooked on those little sugar bombs from heaven/hell. Agreed, nothing better.

Famous Donut quotes:

" Ich bin ein jelly donut. "

Brian, a friend of mine swears everytime her husband drives by a Krispy Kreme that sign comes on.

Clank - Ist das nicht ein Berliner?

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee hot Krispy Kreme donuts!!

cindy, the holes have negative calories. That's what *I* tell myself.

Thanks to DPC and Wvplantman! I'm really going with Danny and Mr. Donut, because I think they were the ones to make me drive 150 miles offer the "butter crunch" donuts...

And I thought "Ich bin ein Berliner!" referred to some sort of glorified hot dog rather than a donut... I stand waiting to be educated...

btw, Wvplantman, does the "Wv" stand for "West, By God, Virginia?"

Glazed...just like my eyes when I eat a fresh, hot, Krispy Kreme...

Dunkin Donuts still sells Buttercrunch donuts. I buy them all the time. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a free one!

DPC also suggested Mister Donut. A donut blogger on (what one of my kids calls) the Computernet reviews a couple of butter crunches from the current generation of Mister Donuts in Japan.

I'm with Tash, sugar raised.

It appears that the Mister Donuts that didn't turn into Dunkin Donuts became Donut Connections. If you ever come east, you'll be able to find one.

Attention contractors and folks working on projects around the home: while waiting to cash out at the contractor's/lumber end of a Lowe's this morning, I was parked next to a Milwaukee tool display table...with boxes of Dunkin Donuts!!

You're welcome.

(Glazed, for me. Thanks, weirdos, for eating the crazy ones like chocolate cake with coconut).

Homemade donuts coated with sugar and cinamon.Cold apple cider.

I put two n's in cinamon.Wonder wher ethe second one went?

As Xander would say, "Respect the cruller. Tame the donut."

A jelly filled Dunkin Donut, with a Coffee Coolata. I can't wait to get back to New England.


How can I forget an angel creme with chocolate icing and SPRINKLES!!!

I know what I'm doin' for dinner tonight....

; )

Brian, I agree with you about the chocolate cake with coconut. Also toasted coconut in general.

I know it's heresy to some but nix on Krispy Kreme.

And Chris, love the Entenmann's too.

My wife wants to know: does an apple fritter count as a doughnut? Her favorite is usually a jelly.

National Donut Day.

I, as a proud overweight American, plan to do my doughnutty duty!!

My faves - Boston Creme & classic glazed.


Jeff, my particular desire for the aforementioned chocolate cake with toasted coconut is based upon one of its rather unique properties, and the apple fritter falls into the same catagory here. I may get a dozen assorted and I always include the cakes and a fritter or two. Strangely I may eat them last because as big of a donut jones as I may have, I still can't eat the whole dozen at once without getting sick. So I've found that the cake donuts, fritters, and crullers (mmmm) can be nuked for a few seconds the next day and they come out great. Yes, I'm scientist in donutology and proud of it. So from me, fritters get a big thumbs up.

Brian, that's what Dramamine is for. Look for it in the pharmacy. It's usually labeled as 'Motion Sickness' tablets. Calms the nausea and helps you take a nice nap afterwards.

Ok...I also like the glazed/chocolate. Keep it simple. Keep it real.

Who's bringing the coffee??

It's close, but Dunkin Donuts beats Krispy Kreme. The DD vanilla cream-filled is to die for. And their apple fritters are even better. They're deep fried, much like the Orlando Magic. ;)

Hey! That's my favorite donut store EVER! The originated in Kansas City and HOLY CRAP are they good! We used to go to the original store on Linwood and pick 'em up between morning classes. We were always late for our music theory class, but so long as we brought Professor Lidge a donut, he let it slide. :D Good memories!

Cheers to the blog! I am enjoying two do-nuts this morning and I would share if I could.

Slinks in®

I will properly honor this day and stop for my favorite donut on the way to work. Dunkin Donuts Sour Cream. And for the DD shops that don't carry that variety, a French Cruller or Old Fashioned.

Happy donut day to all!

Slinks out®

Does that make today a holey day?

*snork* @ Katie.
In my opinion, yes. I am properly observing this holey day on the blog with sugar raised hands.

Let it never be said that I failed to give this glorious day its due.

Yeah Cat, Dunkies French Cruller. Then there's the ever popular healthy breakfast LCD, Little Chocolate Donut. Channeling Belushi.

Ask not what this blog can do for you.....

Let's not forget to honor the lowly donut holes as well. They are small so you can pop them into your mouth and do so guilt free, since all of the the calories remain in the 'mother' donut.

And - yes, pogo, hillbilly born.

Yee gads Meanie, looks like a huge frosted toilet seat.



I love the commentary by Marv Albert. He bit into more than LCDs though.
; )

Why isn't this day in national law enforcement month?

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