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June 26, 2009


(Thanks to catmanmax)


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Tory MP Ann Widdicombe fumed: “It is deeply tasteless.”---Guess they needed just a little more Tango.

It comes in a can?

(That is just wrong on so many levels)

Twatney should be the spokescelebperson.

That's Wicked And Terrible!

This Was A Thrilling story.

I disagree, Braniff.

Truly Wasted A Ten minute break on that article.

Meanie, yep:



Filtered here, Olo. I'll just have to wait 'til the day is done.

"I know I've had this taste in my mouth before...."

I thought that item was in a box...


I just want to know when they're going to come out with Tango Lite. Then Tango Lemon. Then Tango Vanilla. Then Cherry Tango.

Sharkie!!! Goodness!! *muffled snork*

At the library where I work, we are posting signs in the bathroom. One of the suggested wordings was, "If at first it doesn't work, give the handle another jerk." I couldn't BEGIN to keep a straight face about it!

Explains why sales were so lousy in Key West.

And San Francisco, Clank.

It's just like the old joke where the attractive flight attendant asks the innebriated gentleman Would you like some of our TWA coffee? No, he replies, but I'd like to taste your TWA Tea.

The focus group--both male and female--liked it, saying it gave them quite a kick about three-fourths of the way through. But they complained about hair in their teeth afterwards.

*SMACKS* Olo!!

What's the big deal? TWAT is just an acronym from Dubya's empire for The War Against Terrorism.

You can find it in stores next to the cans of whoop-ass.

The perfect cocktail. If you want Tango you have to pay cash.

They put spelt in their orange-flavo(u)red beverage?

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