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June 11, 2009


Johnson, 75, says he was in the Korean conflict, asserts he is patriotic and that the Nazi flag is not intended as an insult to the armed forces, but rather, is intended to irk a neighbor with whom he had a leaf-blowing dispute two years ago.

(Thanks to Mike Ester)


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Yes, this still gives great offense . . .

Don'tcha just love old folks?

What flag would he put up if a neighbor's dog crapped on his lawn?

Let me say, as a resident of North Carolina where he claims to have gotten this flag, that there is no excuse for him flying this. I hope he at least had enough sense to take it down considering what happened at the Holocaust Museum yesterday in D.C. Also I've never seen flags like this for sale anywhere in NC.

This is exactly how I handle all my leaf-blowing disputes.

I run up the Jolly Roger. Arrrrr.

Wow. Isn't America great? Crazy people can do whatever they want to resolve leaf-blower incidents. I want to know what the Nazi Party has to do with leaves.

Auntie - ask my wandering Jew.

>> I want to know what the Nazi Party has to do with leaves.<<

WWII started over a leaf blowing dispute with Poland.

Hitler was looking for leavensraum.

botanical *snork* @ Punkin

Someone's gonna run Mr. Johnson up a pole.... or a pole up Mr. Johnson.... or a Johnson up - nevermind

I think it would be just a weird coincidence if that flag had an unexplained "accident", like suddenly bursting into flames in the middle of the night, ahem.

Let's just hope that it doesn't escalate to a green gorilla balloon wearing a bathing suit and sunglasses.

I would fight to defend his right to fly this flag on his own property. And then maybe choke him with it.

Meanie I could not agree with you more.

This makes my Pink Flamingo Solution for my weed complaining neighbors sound mighty tame...

We will NOT surrender to Herbicides!!

EB. Being Evil as Usual..

People just don't know how to argue anymore.

on the other hand, he doesn't have the right to shot Achtung! in a crowded theater...

Hey old cranky dude - blow this.

Sorry, I couldn't get past the guy who was selling meat off the back of a truck. WTF???

Meanie, it does remind me of Austin, Texas: When I went to school there, it was legal to burn the American flag. But punishment for beating up a person who did so was $1. I love that state.

A total jerk, but our brave troops are fighting for the right for him to be a total jerk.

Maybe the flag was made in China and he'll get lead poisoning. Or someone will give him lead poisoning. As in bullet-itis.

Lessee...Livin' in a trailer park, collecting various enemy flags from outta state to use in leaf-blowing disputes.

It's good to plan for your retirement.

Maybe they can bury him in it. Tonight. :)

Johnson said he was unaware D-Day was coming up and would substitute the flag on that day.

Thank you, Mr. Pastriotic Veteran.


see, this is a small version of what that hateful old creep did at the museum in DC. yeah, he's got the right to fly whatever flag. up yours, creep.

Give the guy some credit. You must have to work pretty hard to become that ignorant.

And on a lighter note...

from 'texts from last night':

I just saw a commercial that said "call your doctor if erections last more than 4 hours". I said "disgusting" and my mom said "I know, i hate when that happens." Get me out of here.

So, a genuine "my mom does that" sighting.

No No No, burning a cross is the proper response to a leaf blowing dispute. Breaking out the Nazi flag is appropriate for when you neighbor puts his trash cans out too early.

"This is my last territorial demand!"

"I'll make myself look like a complete idiot and that will piss him off."

Jeff, if you think that's embarrassing, wait until you're driving a Viagra car at Bristol and the hood won't go down.

Bonus material:

I recently heard a comic talking about the unfortunate name of Dick Trickle for a race car driver. That's ok for a urologist, but if he were a NASCAR driver he said he would change his name to Skid Marx and get Clorox and Haines to sponsor a number 2 car.

iain it doesn't bother me too much if they put their trash cans out a little early. It's the neighbors that leave their trash cans out for a couple of days after it's been picked up that irritate me. Although usually you can't see the cans because they never cut their grass either! Sorry, you touched a nerve there.

Mitch, I thought everybody knew Dick Trickle. He is a retired Nascar driver and is a very big deal here at Lowes Motor Speedway. Sort of the 'head' honcho, iykwim.

He said he got the flag from NC, but he probably meant SOUTH Carolina. The nation's only openly confederate/white supremacist store is in the town of Laurens, SC, which is a backwoods little town you'd never want to go to. I've been through it, but I've never seen the store.

Here's a video of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhL7U02FAcc

Yes, I'm from SC, and yes, this makes me wish these people would move.

I personally am planning on enjoying my curmudgeon years. I will yell at kids on my lawn, wear black socks with sandals, drive like a Miami resident, and generally wreak havoc on the neighborhood.

Siouxie is on vacation so I will *WAVE* at Hammie for her.


*Waves @ nursecindy!!!*

(looks for new posts)

Are Dave and judi on vacation too??

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