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June 10, 2009


But after PETA raised concerns about the ethics of using dead fish as props at a veterinary event, DeHaven said the association would explore other options.

(Thanks to B'game)


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The problem with rubber fish is all those little rubber bones . . .

"We love fish. We respect fish," assistant manager Justin Hall said. "Fish is what makes our business thrive and what drives customers to us. There's nothing we would ever do to disrespect seafood."

Wow, that is priceless!

I guess they were just doing it for the halibut.

I like the way it went from "we love fish, we respect fish," to calling it seafood.

If you ask me, PETA should stick to doing what they do best...

"PETA says fish are intelligent, sensitive animals."

Well, compared to the people who give PETA money, yeah, I guess.

I guess PETA doesn't like the fish-slapping dance either? spoil-sports.

BTW, if you haven't seen the fish-tossers, you MUST. When I was there one of the guys missed a catch and the fish went down out of sight behind the counter. The guy looks down and says, "WOW! Did you see that? It landed right on that napkin!" Picks up fish, fish goes back on sale.

I got the feeling he'd used that one a few times already. That day.

Is Luca Brazi available?

Another PETA fish story, just for the halibut.

Flying fish video.

So ... treating an inanimate object as if it had "emotions and feelings" is ... cruelty to ... inanimate objects?

One merely wonders whut those who advocate such idiocy have been smokin' ... and, whut the folks who did the "study" that shows fish have "emotions and feelings" ...

Um ... isn't smoking cruel to tobacco (or other vegetable products)?



Please pass the Fluffy. The grill's ready.

"We're not doing a fish-throwing presentation. We're doing a presentation, and there might be fish thrown."

That guy should go into politics.

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