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June 29, 2009


After many hours of hard labor, with whip-cracking bosses threatening us with Lysol brand disinfecting wipes (puke scented!), we are now housed in a new office that is as clean as it is going to get for a while:


Unfortunately there is no desk for The Blog, but please don't tell him! By the time he visits the office, we surely will have moved again.



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Nice digs, Judi!

Sheesh, that is one tiny little office! I hope for your sake, Dave and Leonard don't visit on the same day!

What's with the Peter Max, - what was in this acid? - wall treatment?

Or is it peeling paint?

What happened to the Bear? and the chair with Dave's butt print?

Shhhhhhhh! Don't tell Dave - It appears that judi is blogging at work.

juuuuuuudiiii is back! We won't tell Dave that you rehired yourself. He will never know.

With that size of an office, please make sure that no one goes to any Mexican place for lunch.


Those are some cushy digs!
Does it have a wet bar?
Where will Walter stay?
Inquiring minds...
Oops!! Wrong rag.
; )

Ugh, judi. You need to buy a mask!

Same floor?

So the janitor doesn't have an office now ?

The computer paper sign on the window gives an air of permanence and sophistication to the decor. -- Martha Stewart.

Ok, who's this Leonard Pitts guy, and why does he get his name over Judi's?

With the door open, it's just like Grand Central Station.

judi, Welcome back, we missed ya'!!! (And, btw, The "Puke-Scented Disinfecting Wipes" W_NOT_BAGNF just about anything...) (throws up in my mouth a little bit...)

There's obviously some mistake. judi's name needs to be at the top of the list. Certainly above "Leonard Pitts, Jr." (Who the heck is Lenny, anyway? A character in one of Carl Hiassen's novels?)

Leonard J is certainly an interesting addition to the "team". Does he know yet? Will he blog incognito? Where does he stand on cap-and-trade of Wooden Dialogue Generator emissions?

Yes, we certainly do need to know more about this Leonard Pitts, Jr person. Lenny? Junior? Lenny junior?

No, no nickname; he's Leonard Pitts. Not a humor writer, more of a wry commentary on life/personalities/politics.

judi, I assume both Leonard and Dave are telecomuting and that space is for the rsearch department. I hope. Otherwise, come up here and crossgirl and I will assign you an acre, as long as you keep it mowed.

We were worried about you Judi! It's good to see you back. If Dave and Leonard are in the office at the same time Dave could sit on Leonard's lap. I wouldn't mind a picture of that. Maybe the names are arranged alphabetically?

Leonard had better not be a replacement for Walter. We Walter loyalists won't stand for it.

Leonard is another columnist who works at The Herald and as CJ pointed out, not a humor writer. HE's very good though. I'm assuming they share Walter.


It is certainly a well-oiled machine of an office.

I'm guessing y'all have to do your respective typing in shifts to avoid injury.

Wry commentary. Excellent.
*pours martini and places it on blog bar napkin for our new roomie*

see? this is what happens when you request accomodations for mental health under ada. seriously, this reminds me of the "office" for the guy i used to work with who made such demands.

What is your desk doing sitting next to the Time Tunnel?

(Yes, I know, that's a geezer show ... I'm probably the one one here who took notice that Gale Storm just died...)

Looks like my closet... Oops...

You're styling, Judi! Really!

By the way, Siouxie, I assume you watched part 2 of "Impact" -- were you convinced? That final shot of the moon was pretty weird...

And coming Sunday, July 12 on NBC, Part 1 of "Meteor"...! I think you can guess what that one's about, but unfortunately Sean Connery won't be in this one...

No, it looks . . . comfy. And by "comfy" I mean "Woke up in a frat-house after a 48-hour bender and didn't immediately panic" sort of way.

Steve, no. I did not catch the 2nd part of Impact. I was out and didn't get home in time. Dang. I may have to catch it if they show it again sometime. I'll take a guess and say the next one's about a...meteor?? Yeah I know. I'm esmart. Maybe I can see that one.

Sharkie, their "old" office was just as full of crap interesting items but, it was bigger.

It's still bigger than any office I ever had; although I didn't have to share it with two other people. Does yours have a window? Can't tell from the pic.

Lairbo, it might be a good idea if it doesn't have a window. Somebody might fall out of it while hitting the Caps Lock key on the keyboard.

Yay, judi got posted!

I remember shots of the older office. It just seemed to have a pattern to its chaos.

Colbert's is bigger. Siouxie told me.

Not enough stacks to be comfortable. Higher, higher.

Hmmm....horizontal blinds are not exactly slimming.

I like Leonard Pitts. Don't always agree, but he always causes me to think. (damn it)

What is with that wall? Is it a portal? Where is does it lead? Space, time, hell? Will anyone be left to answer these questions?

I like Leonard Pitts. Don't always agree, but he always causes me to think. (damn it)

What is with that wall? Is it a portal? Where is does it lead? Space, time, hell? Will anyone be left to answer these questions?

That sign says it all - The Miami Herald obviously respects and admires all three of you. Do you want us to bake cakes with screwdrivers (the tool, not the drink) in them and send them to you? (It might help you to exit the small door as you could impale the others with it to give you room to get out.)

Well, compared with the old place it's...it's...well, it's neater! Yeah, that's the ticket, neater.

*snork* at Steve's "Time Tunnel" line.

Siouxie, we DVR'd part two of Impact but didn't watch it yet. I'm guessing the Moon and Earth didn't collide but that's just wild speculation.

It was OK but lacked that certain cheesy je ne sais quois of previous disaster epics like 10.5 and 10.5: Apocalypse.

Be careful Judi that office might lead into John Malkovick's head!!!

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