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June 17, 2009


"What's wrong with a man driving home naked?"

Alcohol may have been involved.

(Thanks to trustf8)


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I rather liked the picture of Mr. Naked Smiley.

Chris, I think this one is better. Shows how scary he really is.

Double *SMACKS* to wiredog. Before noon too!

*SMACKS* wiredog too!

Why is there a picture of Dearry Smiley?


Why didn't Kimberly White include Mr Smiley's name in her article, if he is indeed the perp?

And was this sent in for the arrest or the name not to make fun of?

Nursec, give wiredog a break. Today is BM's birthday, or so I've heard.

I 'give birth' to a BM every day.

TMI, I know. Sorry.

Yep, he's 66 today. Happy Birthday Barry! Many Happy Returns!

Is anyone else concerned that wiredog and oneblankspace know when BM's birthday is?

My question to the Blogettes is; Does driving around drunk and naked like this guy did, do it for ya? I mean he was obviosly looking for a little action.

What if its on a tractor?

Good to know you're a regular guy, Chris ;-P

cindy, I sure am. There IS something wrong with that.

tosses a "u" up there

My wife wants to know what his girlfriend was wearing?

I'm just glad they didn't give us the full "standing in front of the height markers holding your number under your chin" pose.

DaninIA, it depends on the size of the tractor.

trims bushes around the tractor. The things we do for the medical profession.

You're so thoughtful DaninIA.

Well this sure is refreshing to know that it is not illegal aroung these parts. (zips down to go driving)
(zips up, remembering I'm taking the motorcycle)

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