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June 12, 2009


(Thanks to catmanmax and Jeff Meyerson)


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Ewww. And, may I add, Blecchhh.

You can buy all kinds of spit on the internets.

China's equivalent of eBay has banned an online trader from selling the saliva of pretty teenage girls.

So, ugly girls' saliva (GNFARB) would be OK?

He now wants to market girls' drool instead - but admits that so far he has failed to sell one bottle of either product.

"The drool was all collected from 18-year-old pretty girls when they were sleeping. And buyers can pay later after they certified the authenticity of this product," he said.

How exactly would this be done? A DNA certificate?

I was wondering the same thing Jeff. I'll bet it's actually this seller's spit and why would anyone want this anyway?

If it were any country but China. They have very poor quality control.

speaking of spit - pa-tooey!

Is there some way to collect it personally?

Ooo, seems pretty creepy to me!

Especially the collecting the drool while the girls sleep part.

What tha spit?!

Thaz some spit.

Sal iva hava chicken onna spit.

The seller claimed the saliva was a 'tonic' and was asking the equivalent of £2 a small bottle, reports Hunan Online.

I initially misread that last part as "Human Online," which, considering the nature of the "product" being sold, actually made sense.

Send some to Letterman. He seems to have an obsession with teenage girls.

No kidding, Renee. Seems desperate for ratings, I guess.

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