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June 30, 2009


Homeowner assaulted by defecating man

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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it was either a milk crate or a tractor tire flower bed.

At first I thought the black milk crate was where the sh!tter had left his deposit, but apparently it was just a convenient weapon.

The Defecating Man WBAGNFA Adam Sandler movie, by the way.

Finally, the cops have something to go on.

but was alcohol involved?

The article didn't say but I'm going to assume that alcohol was involved.

I think the perp was full of

He was just doing his duty.

I feel sorry for his jail roomie.

He was substituting for his dog, who had a last minute engagement elsewhere.

*gets my 'please don't crap on the grass' sign ready*

Okay, if your yard is full of crappy junk, guess what some crappy drunk is gonna think? "This toilet has a nice fence with a gate."

OH wow! The name of the paper is conn post, but for a minute there it looked like Compost! (cracking myself up)

The home owner was really PO'd because he didn't use a pooper scooper.

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