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June 17, 2009


When you think seafood, think: Disco Fish.



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I will survivvvveeee

It's what's for supper -- dancing fish.

"Staying alive!" Not

nice reflection in window Dave.

LOVE it. they need to hang a mirror ball from that fan though...

Nice blue shirt in the window reflection, Dave.

♫ Disco...disco duck fish!♪

"Rock the boat...." and so on

Sometimes the Disco Fish parties just get out of hand!


And they said that disco was dead.

It just smells like fish, cindy.

I've actually eaten there (years ago). It's a dive but really good seafood.

Flown in fresh each day from Disko Bay.

Why do the two dancing fish look like Edward G. Robinson?

Is that a singing barracuda?

I bet the food is great. The best seafood is always in these little dive like places. My favorate is a nice seafood restruant upstairs while downstairs is a baitshop / gas station combination.

And they accept the Disco Ver credit card.

There's a "Disco Hair Design" in my city's downtown. It's been there forever. I wonder if they even know how to cut in any style past the late '70s...

In the 70's it was THE place to get some tail.

(Siouxie told me)

And it's Zagat's rated!!!

(and Dave, was that the CARPCAM you were using to take that picture)

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