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June 02, 2009


(Thanks to Dan)


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How 'bout a warning on that pic??

Assuming that came from him, of course.

Hey I got posted!
Thanks Dave!

Runner no. 26 wishes he had competed in the pre-Internet era.

Can penguins enter?

I NEVER needed to see that photo.

That's just offal!

Talk about 'the runs'.

Just wonderful.

I suppose it could have been Oklahoma River mud?

Nah, probably not.

*Thanks all known deities that Dave did not post that pic directly on the blog*

This why they don't hold swimming contests in the East River or the Tidal Basin, etc., ad nauseum.




He ran with the runs???


Ditto, Siouxie!!!

I'm eating!

It said they became sick after, not during!!!!!

That picture is not from the triatholon, but is from a few years ago.

That awful pic appeared on 'epic fail'. I had hoped I'd never see it again!

When I was working as a health inspector we had to investigate reported food poisoning cases. One potential symptom we referred to as "the squirts" or "spray painting". I think this would qualify.

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