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June 30, 2009



(Thanks to Ralph)


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once the officers got there they were able to determine it was a cow

Pure genius.

Hey, who you calling a washed-up cow?

I think it was Washed-Up Cow I saw open for Crossdressing Clown a few years ago.

I guess there might not be a Second Annual Victoria Offshore Rodeo.

Looks like there was a mission failure in the whole, "cow jumping over the moon" thing. Good thing she landed at sea and spared the cities.

A sea cow that got seperated from the herd.

Awww, it must have been migrating from one ocean to another and gotten beached.

*I'm carefully not making any comments about memories of ex-wives and beach trips*

How did that cow fit through the pipes?

Wasn't that the last scene of Impact?

I would like to commend the readers of this blog for reading an entire article about a washed-up cow and not making any Britney jokes. So far, so good!

Oooh. Our Chik-Fil-A overlords are NOT going to like this...

I think the best thing to do first off is to put a ring of pebbles around it. This will ward off the evil cow eye.

how NOW late brown cow?

HEY!!! Could we have ONE day where we don't make fun of Sarah Palin? Jeez!

Call Exxon, tell 'em to clean her up, fer Gawds sake.


Oh, and I have a bid in on E-Bay for R. Crumb, Global Warming & the California Free Lunch, so please don't compete. Thanks.

I guess a beach bbq is out of the question.

How did that cow happen to wash up inside a large-enough circle of rocks?

"She's still there..."

Ummmm, where did they think she would go?

Maybe she didn't wait a half an hour before going swimming. Or maybe two hours, what with the four stomachs and all.

"Dammit, Xyxyxyx! I told you to get that tractor beam fixed. That's the 3rd cow you've lost!"

waitress: "That's one dead cow on a beach with a side circle of stones!"
chef: "Huh?"
waitress: "I'm just readin' the headlines."

Where this began...

This town needs some of those flesh eating clocks!

I love Canada--here they are calmly discussing this problem and working toward a mutually acceptable solution. Most city governments in my neck of the woods would have had indictments, a shoving match in the city council meeting, and possibly a shooting by now.

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