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June 15, 2009


World Stinging Nettle Eating Championship attracts record crowd

(Thanks to Matt Filar, Jonathan Carl, DavCat and Horace LaBadie)


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are then measured and the winner, after an hour of combat, is the one with the greatest accumulated length

I knew it was all about length. She kept telling me "no", but I knew she was lying.

so that's where everyone was! i thought it was kinda quiet this weekend.

It's like angel hair pasta, but with excrutiating burning and no sauce.

Arrrrg Chris you beat me to it!

"When I was at university we had a nude stinging nettle rolling competition and it was the best thing ever"

whatever happened to keggers?...

Beer! And everything comes out green for a few days. What more could you ask of any competition?

KEY QUOTE: "And so they had a competition. They're both dead now."

Second key quote:

"They taste totally foul, and everything comes out bright green for a few days afterwards."

The winner was quoted as saying, "ARRRGH! Grrbln tkfusn mrawblin ngomishln fngrskn!"

So....then size does matter, eh??

Smart competitors squash the leaves into tight little balls...

I think I speak for every guy blogger here when I say, that's infinitely better than the vice versa...

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