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June 01, 2009


Let's be productive out there.

(Thanks to Matt Filar, who caused this blog to spend a good 45 minutes trying to encircle the damn cat)


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i generally suck at things like this but i caught the cat 2nd try. i'm so disappointed that nothing happens.

Cats...why did it have to be cats?


uh-nooooo. 4 tries and fail... uh-oh.

Son, I told ya catching some pussy wasn't easy

Our Siamese, Jasmine, aka "Psycho Cat" and "Cat from Hell" (Vet's pet names for her), never weighed more than 7 pounds. The Vet would not see her unless she was sedated and restrained first. She once went through his elbow-length leather gloves to bring blood.
She died of kidney failure 3 years ago at age 16. I still miss her but I don't bleed as much.

Thanks a lot Matt. I've tried about 10 times and the dumb cat keeps running away. This is worse than a Rubiks Cube. At least I can peel the stickers off that one. I would *SMACK* Mot but trying to stay on good side in case I decide to visit SA. I looked up beaches in SA and found this. Amazing. http://www.southafrica.info/pls/cms/show_gallery_sa_info?p_gid=2502&p_site_id=38

It just walks around sooooo smug.

Wall off the outside/border spaces first, cuz the cat will always go for those. Once those are all taken care of, it's relatively simple to get him hemmed in and trapped.



easy peasy

This game is weird, because sometimes I catch the cat, and I have no idea how I did it. Is there some sort of strategy here, or is the cat just dumb sometimes?

judi, I'm sure you just assume it's easy. Surely you're not wasting your time playing when you should be working. Right?

I know Iam'm not.

So chasing the cat away is NOT the object of the game???

I thought I won when the cat walked away. Hmmmm, not?

I thought I won when the cat walked away. Hmmmm, not?

This is why I am NOT a 'cat person'

I give up. It will come back when it wants food.

Goodbye, Kitty.

Ah, the serene joy of cat herding. Once you have the cat contained in two or mor circles, you can fill in the rest of the grid and make kitty jump back and forth.

*performs Zen with his monitor*


Re "Lost": It's not so funny when it happens in real life. I hope they can locate them, but it doesn't look good...


Steve, I hope they find these people also but it isn't looking good is it? I hate when these things happen.
Kibby F5, you have definitely helped me to make up my mind to get glasses. I read your post and thought it said you were performing zen with your mother.

Agree with a previous post - the strategy isn't too hard. Start by darkening the outermost circles first (obviously the ones the cat is headed to), and, if all goes well, you'll eventually have a ring around the cat....then it's a matter of shrinking that ring.

As a FYI, I'm not certain that you can win 100% of the time, but it appears to be a very high winning percentage overall, if you stick to the optimal strategy.

*feels content he's helped another human being through an obviously difficult time of life*

... time for a beer!

My cat taught this cat.

You have to go wide. That's the secret for getting the pussy. Um errr that is to say...

I'm pretty sure the optimal cat can always win.

Actually not always. Sometimes the board dooms it from the start. Weird. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the setup.

Elon - I agree that you are doomed from the start sometimes....not a 100% win game. If the darkened circles are too far inward and/or spread too far apart, you're dead from the start.

i effin give up.

FINALLY got the dang cat! I feel like I've wasted my time accomplished!

Oh no! I am doomed to an afternoon of cat stalking. :(

apologizes for my smug win earlier. haven't been able to capture the cat since.

heh! I've caught the cat a few more times.


Got it on the first try.

*SMACKS* Mark for being a smart aleck. I gave up.

We haven't had a productivity enhancer for like a fort-year.

Can't stop playing!

The missing soundtrack

Got on the third try ...

As others mentioned, I'm usually very unsuccessful ... um ... whutever ... @ 'pooter games ...

Sorta gives me a more PMA, about not bein' as old and stoopid as I thot I wuz ...

Well ... not as stoopid ...

Slightly OT, but perhaps comic relief to all the frustrated cat pursuers:

Cat vs. Garage Door

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