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June 29, 2009


Frog dozes in mud for years without food, water

(Thanks to ShadowKatmandu)


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Might have been an interesting story...if the page had stopped reloading enough for me to read it.

The last time I suggested "mitochondrial coupling" to a lady I got *smacked!*...

I've been known to do that when tequila is involved.

So what boffins have found is that, if we can just turn obese people into frogs, they will have been cured.

So how many carbon credits do the frogs get?

Reminds me of Woodstock.

Scientists woke this poor frog up only to say it didn't need to be woken up. If I may speak on it's behalf, as I was born in Queensland where this researcher apparently found it, let me sleep.

Don't you just hate people who say "Are you awake?" If I was, you'd know!! Duh!!

The new energy saving frog qualifies you for a Federal subsidy.

"Research reveals how the frog and other 'super-sleeper' animals do it"

I could have saved them a ton of money. Ask me about my soon to be ex-husband...or anyone that has teenage boys

Wait, sleeping for years could be a cure for obesity? I've tried it and I can pretty well state that IT DOESN'T WORK!

They already wrote a sequel to "The Hangover"?

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