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June 03, 2009


(Thanks to DavCat)


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Dave's up early this morning. Isn't a violation of union rules for a journalist to be at work before 10AM?

Bet he's not hungover, either.

Getting grabby down under, mate?

"... grabbed the male officer's testicles..."

that's almost a Department of Redundancy Dept. quote isn't it?

"She said Spuchess then grabbed the male officer's testicles and squeezed them."

You wouldn't want to try that with a female officer.

Maybe he was upset because he was named Sam Charles Spuchess?

No coffee yet; not fully awake.

In Prosecutor Sarah Dennis's last case , a drunk filled a man's ear with glue.


"Spuchess first began yelling at a traffic police officer and then grabbed his service-issued torch...?"

"Judge Richards sentenced Spuchess to a 12-month prison term, but released him on immediate parole."

So he got off on grabbing the officers testicles.

OBS, I once filled a man's ear with cocktail pumpernickel

yes, alcohol was involved, and yes he's still speaking to me. he actually went on to be the best man at our wedding!

takes a lot of.............chutzpah to grab a cop's cojones..

The article mentioned that this had been announced several times prior to the road being closed. Insert your " I told you so" line here. If he had only listened or paid attention, then this wouldn't have happened etc.

Sounds like he grabbed the cop in the same fashion that his wife had him under control.

"If I'm late to her party she'll have my balls!"

Props to the cop. How many blog guys, under the condition of having their berries squeezed by a madman, would have let the man live?

Was alcohol involved? After grabbing the cop did he then Spuchess on the cops shoes?

*wow, that was a long way to go for the pun*

You gotta be on the ball with these criminals.

After watching "Rescue Me" last night, I can tell you it happens to firefighters too...

The first thing I thought of was one of those cartoons where the character's eyes pop out. Wonder if the cop's did? btw Sharkie, we already have them.

"The article mentioned that this had been announced several times prior to the road being closed. Insert your " I told you so" line here. If he had only listened or paid attention, then this wouldn't have happened etc."

And his wife will never allow him to forget it. "You'll do anything to ruin my birthday party. Remember last 2009?"

Note to MartiniShark. Sorry about the post about us already having them. That was wrong. I dislocated my thumb on my riding lawn mower (it happens!) and I think the pain medicine has made me cranky. btw bloggers, if you get a chance to read any of Sharkies stuff on nukethefridge.com do it. He is a very smart guy and a very good writer.

*waits for cindy's apology for threatening bodily harm yesterday...ducks*

Hope you feel better, cindy.

cindy, you must not be mean to our dear Sharkie. He's very sensitive, ya know. (nttawwt).

*SMACKS* Jeff for ducking.

I'm sorry about the 2 *SMACKS* yesterday Jeff. I meant to give you 3! Thanks for the get well wish. The Percocet is really making me feel pretty good! You're right Siouxie. I'll be nicer to Sharkie. Tears from a 6'5" height could give somebody a concussion if they land on their head.

Love that you gals think I'm the hyper-sensitive type . . . you know, after accusing me of being a typical burpin'-fartin'-sweatin'-drinkin' type guy.

Alas, I'll probably compose myself and recover. Now where's my robe and my sherry.....


Ay Sharkie, Sharkie, Sharkie...

Did we hurt your widdle feelings???? Shirley you don't think we meant those horrible things. We all know you're a classy dude. Btw...those boots look fabulous with your robe.

Right, feelings. Heard of those.

Siouxie, I'm thinking the boots would look better without the robe IYKWIM. I bet I've made Sharkie blush now. Come to think of it I'm a little flushed myself.


smoooooooooooch, Sharkie!! You know I wuv ya!

cindy, I would comment but I don't want to get in trouble with the GF (iycmd).

I do Siouxie. I looked over our comments from last night though and I didn't see where we mentioned any 'fartin'. I do believe Sharkie added that one himself.

pssssssst...don't tell Sharkie but...between you and me?? he's just being a big baby.

Don't tell him this either but, I agree. Although a very handsome and smart baby. Maybe that will help.

OH geez, cindy. That'll just go to his head.

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