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June 17, 2009


Land of Crazy Fun


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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John Deeres rock!

...especially the tall skinny ones.

Oh deere oh deere oh deere.

With my luck I'd be stuck in a car behind all of them while they were going up hill. Which one is DaninIA?

Oh the excitment of IA.
Getting stuck behind this group (or any tractor for that matter) and not being able to pass them for 1/2 hour is a cause for road rage!

GEIT? I think it's just a knock-off of RAGBRAI. Maybe they should call it RAGTRAI. Maybe not.

Breaker breaker! It's a tractor convoy!

Mines the little John Deere. Not the size that matters but the ....oh nevermind..
I just wish I hgad a bigger tractor and a larger deck!

Takes out errant g from above

The oft-told joke in Iowa's neighbor states is:

Q: What do you call 12 tractors slowly circling a McDonald's in Iowa?

A: Prom night.

Apparently this was an understatement.

Cheesehead I grew up in that neighbor state. (God I wish I was back there) I miss the lakes.
Another is what IOWA stands for...Idoits Out Walking Around.
Of course then there is.. Why doesn't Iowa have a professional Football team? Cause then Minnesota would want one too.

Dan's linky

Dan, I hear Minnesota considers their row of counties on the Iowa border to be "Baja Iowa." Periodically Minnesota threatens to donate those counties to Iowa in order to raise the average IQ of both states.

(Probably a Garrison Keillor semi-quote)

I like the cute little umbrellas. Reminds me of tropical drinks.


Oh, what were we talking about??

Northern Iowa talks like Minnesota, so donating would work.
Of course, I live in Iowa, in the country. I was stuck behind a tractor last night coming home from work.

I just spent the weekend in thoses northern Iowa counties. Okaboji...had a great time and they do kinda talk like Minnesooootans don't-cha-kno. Which is also northern Wisconsin speak.

If these guys mileage is anything like mine (1945 MM GTA getting 2 gallons to the mile) on the road,509 tractors X 50 miles is going to reduce the fuel surplus. Just watch our gas prices go up.

It looks like that second guy is carrying a telephone pole. Is that how he gets cell phone service out there?

Darold Sindt of Keystone, Iowa, says 'tractor people' are a different sort of club.

Yeap. They sure is.

Born and raised in Iowa, i went to college(for a while) in Dubuque. Mississippi River town, lotsa bars. Dyersville has The Field of Dreams nearby.

Tractorcade is an annual event

oh yeah, i can tell you from personal experience, Dubuque County is very hilly (not typical Iowa flat) and on the back roads between DBQ and Dyersville if you got behind 500+ tractors you would be how to say this delicately. screwed!

rickh, screwed isn't the word for it! You would be better off to find a quaint little establishment that serves adult beverages and wait it out.

So you're stuck behind tractors. Why are you in a hurry anyway? You're in freakin' Iowa. It's not like you're gonna miss anything.

Iowa ATVs.

I am informed by my Iowan co-worker that these are not, in fact, working tractors (which these days would fill both lanes of the highway side-to-side). I am told that these are the farmers' FUN tractors. You know, the sporty models that they use to pick up chicks. (Both kinds.)

pad, I can see why chicks would be impressed. You know what they say about a man with a big tractor...

this is the tractor
of today.

those in Tractorcade are relics of a bygone era (like when i was a kid)

Does this remind anyone else of the Lawn Rangers on steroids?

NSherl, I thought about them too!!

I can even picture Dave on one of those tractors.

Hey! Another Iowegian here. Spent my teenaged summers at the University of Okoboji (Spirit Lake, actually).

Those look like Iowa gang colors to me.

Don't forget Captain James T. Kirk was born in Iowa, about -224 years ago.

"She thinks my tractor's sexy!" - K. Chesney

The ones driving are not the best farmers in Iowa.

If they were, they'd be outstanding in their fields.

those tractors are hot!!! i bet traffic was a pain to be behind them

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