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June 30, 2009


Here's a nice review of the book Ridley and I have coming out in October.


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Bleeeech ! I need to clean my screen. Taste like crap

That's some review there guys! I just came out of a two hour meeting where nothing got done and none of us has any idea what was discussed, and then I read that. Wow. My brain both hurts and tingles from the description. If only I could form coherent thoughts right now I'd be able to appreciate it more.

Strumpeting tour in the making? (Yes, I checked, judi...)

Here's a nice review of the book Ridley and I have coming out in October.

And, boy, is it painfully slow coming out.

Oh, and the Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is Minnesota's new senator.

Well done.

You know what they say...If you can't toot your own horn...

It's always good when book reviewers are heavy drinkers! Good luck with the book, y'all!

I've really enjoyed Jim Dale's audiobook readings of this series, and hope he does no. 4 as well.

Jim Dale is indeed reading the audio book. And I agree he's amazing.

Is Jim Dale Chipins' brother?

(Suffering from lack of sleep, please forgive me)

Oh, and way-ta-go, Dave & Ridley!

yes, meanie; i just don't have specific dates or cities yet. will put up asap.

I hope that Jim Dale can slip in a few Pushing Daisies references.

The person leaving the first comment on that review must be a real joy to be around.

I never considered Mrs. Darling to be a "Molly." But I could always revise my opinion.

I saw Jim Dale on Broadway years ago in "Barnum." He was outstanding!

judi--since Dave is tooting his own horn, may I follow suit and suggest that he should include beautiful Bend OR in his tour? I know all sorts of book people, most claim to enjoy fine literature and even pay authors to visit (I think Carl Hiaasen falls into this group).

Anyways I'd be happy to buy the beer. Here's to hoping. Cheers!

Since Cheryl is making suggestions may I suggest Ridley and Dave come to the Charlotte, NC area? I would love to see them both and promise if they come I will see to it that many,many copies of their book is sold.

Cheryl and cindy - you gals can come toot Dave's horn here in Miami. I'm taking a wild guess butt...I think he may coming here ;-P

Vhee is it cumeeng oooot in Svedeesh ? Bork, bork

Bill(from up a ways). Thanks for the lead on Jim Dale. Our last born (Miss Hope who loves the Peter series) is also a huge fan of Pushing Daisies. She is currently in mourning with that cancellation. It'll be fun to surprise her with the audio books and a familiar voice next road trip.

P.S. It bites, a 9 yo enthralled with clever dialog and plot development only to discover it wasn't dumb enough for mass audience.

Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry have never visted Australia. So they are unknown authors here. Toot away on your horn - it won't do a bit of good. I asked for one of your books to be placed on order, I might as well have asked to be transported to the Moon. Dave, I even had to repeat your name twice! This is a crisis of mammoth proportions. Do something!! (Or I may just arrange for someone to come by and do something interesting, see previous blog item, on your front lawn.) Euw!

If i could toot my own horn I'd never leave the house, ...wait a minute, dave never leaves his house...

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