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June 15, 2009



(Thanks to Sean Timmins)


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We celebrated Corpus Christi yesterday at Mass but there was no jumping over babies. There are a couple of babies that scream through the entire Mass that I would like to place out in the parking lot however.


Who sits around and thinks up these stupid customs?

I mean, how cool to get to experience other cultures and their interesting customs!

That picture goes a long way to explaining why so many are afraid of clowns, you know?

The devil wears Nikes?

I don't think that's what Nike meant by "Just do it".

I didn't know the devil wore yellow...

Speaking of the devil, anybody seen MartiniShark lately?


ok typepad i'll try it this way:

It's Monday, sooo...

Be There, or be
"Jon fleeing Kate plus She'll-never-have-$ex-with-you-again-Tuplets"

(who knew you couldn't say ess eee ex??)

I thought Corpus Christie was a place in TX. What does it have to do with baby-jumping?

Good demonstration sport if the Olympics are ever held in Elbonia.

Corpus Christi is a Christian festival honoring the Eucharist. (communion to you Protestants) I have no idea what this has to do with baby jumping though. Didn't know I was a good Catholic girl did you?

Scroll through all of them.


The Testicle Festival

July 29 – August 2, 2009

Clinton, Montana, USA

$15 general, $20 camping, $40 to park your RV

Over 21’s only

Around 6,500 people are expected to attend the 27th annual Testicle Festival at Rock Creek Lodge in Montana. It's a strictly adults-only affair, as although the festivities revolve around the theme of eating bull’s testicles, or ‘Rocky Mountain Oysters', visitors should expect oil wrestling, wet t-shirt competitions and lots of public nudity; 'No Panty Wednesday' sees punters offered a free drink in exchange for their underwear.

Well in that case Cindy, I have an answer. If I remember my philosophy class correctly the Eucharist is the physical representation of the body of Christ in the form of bread. But babies have no teeth and cannot eat bread, so the only solution is to jump over them, thus taking the sacrament by proxy.

Thanks Elon. I think. You're not Catholic are you?

Elon, you can also dunk the Eucharist in the wine for to make the bread easier to consume. Didn't know *I* was a good Catholic girl either, huh??

*fires up the motorized handbasket*

Get's in handbasket with Siouxie. We're good Siouxie, not perfect.

Channeling Evel Knievel. Just dunk the babies in the wine.

I was going to say, this festival would be much more interesting with a motorcycle.

Is this related to the giving babies whiplash bouncing babies off of the taut (sp?) sheet ritual?

Who the hell ARE these mothers that say "Oh, some dumb ass in a clown suit wants to jump over my newborn? Ok"???


MartiniShark for shame!! You should never jump over infants with a motorcycle! Out of curiosity though, what kind of motorcycle?

It sounds like a modest proposal.

Testicle Festival: http://www.testyfesty.com/strangerarticle.html


"Testicle Festival: http://www.testyfesty.com/strangerarticle.html


Posted by: Merri Lee | June 16, 2009 at 01:32 AM "

If you're going, take your weapon. Just about every year, someone is either shot, stabbed or grossly assaulted during the festivities, a real party crowd.

The devil wears Nikes?

My question as well, oneblankspace. I thought Prada was the Satanic hoof-couverture de choix.

One of my sisters was born in Corpus Christi. I was only 4, but I have no memories of yellow step-trainer-clad devil clowns carrying rolling pin-shaped loaves of wigged bread vaulting over my brand new sister on South Padre Island. You'd think that'd leave an impression.

Please... It's Mexico's version of Evel Knievel.

Man, isn't it obvious? But what the picture didn't show was where he raised the stakes to 8 FLAMING babies!

Hm... solution for over-population?

that is nothing in my village we feed single baby to woodchipper to celebrate jesus ability to fly.

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