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June 29, 2009


This is a photo of a bedraggled little fox (the wildlife variety) that was hanging around at the library's book drop the other night. Really, it is; we swear:


Here's some wildlife that's a little scarier, but at least you can see it:

 Lion in truck

This has been your Florida Wildlife Update for today.


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Thank God you're back.

We missed you Judi. Some people
had birthdays and some people (not on the blog) died.

What does the sign say that the little fox was carrying?

Dave, you SAY it is a fox, but it could be a giant mutant ball of string. And anyway, foxes are as entitled to go to the library just like any of us.

*psst, Aussie - that wasn't Dave, it was Judi.* ;)

judi's alive!!!! we missed you, girl! (I know yer busy but sheeshhhhhhhhhh come say HI once in a while)

New improved Crapcam ! Now with more crap!

Scary when the foxes start to learn how to read! They might be thinking of taking over Miami soon. Good to see you back, judi!

True story: My husband took my son to get a library card, but failed to bring with him a phone or electric bill to prove we lived in the area. He came home, got the needed paperwork, and went back by himself (since it was the kids dinnertime). They would not give him a card for my son because my son wasn't present (he was 6). My husband gave up, and now we encpourage our children not to read. (Of COURSE I'm kidding.)

It's harder to get a library card here than it is a drivers license. But apparently in Florida all you need is a pulse. Maybe. (Hard to tell in that picture.)

That cute little fox very well could be rabid. It is not safe to approach wildlife.

Looks like a coyote to me. Or possibly Swamp Thing. Or Teen Wolf. Or the chupacabra. Or a smudge on the lens. At least it won't be charged a late fee, whatever it is.

Yay, judi's [email protected]

Apparently, the library card is the "gateway" card to other means of ID's. Really. I took my step-sons to get their (library cards) and it was harder to do than getting a copy of my SSA card. The SSA would accept my old card as proof of identity. For your drivers' license needs...they will accept your old yearbooks as proof of who you are...even many years later. They wouldn't take my debit card w/ photo, but would take a twenty+ yr. old picture. I guess I should feel complimented, but mostly the bureaucracy just scares the bejesus out of me.

I also look like a fox...in poorly lit photos.

Here's a better shot...

I'm going with smudge on the lens.

Well they say the camera adds ten layers of muck.

Must be the week for a celebrity Armegeddon decapitated wildlife. That second shot is similar to the stuffed Tweety head I found on a 6-foot tall spike behind one of my accounts last week. (Also in SoFla)

In related news: this is how you pack a 150-pound deer into a BMW convertible.

Reportedly the driver was traveling at 140 mph when the accident occured. Talk about a five-star frontal impact rating...!

Found here.

It looks like a chupacabra.

It's a chicken.

I know the requirements for getting a kid's library card are a pain in the butt... but they have to be. My system had to start requiring parents to show ID, proof of address and have the child with them after one lady got about 80 library cards using her four kids and used them to steal $17,000 worth of our DVDs.

(We used to allow kids to come in alone and get their own library card, as long as they had an application signed by their parent or guardian. Since you can't reasonably expect a child to show ID, we just had to take it on faith that the kid was who they said they were and the parent's signature was genuine. This lady just kept sending her kids into different branches with faked applications.)

Trust me, whenever the library has some especially annoying rule, it's because a few bad apples have forced us to.

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