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June 17, 2009


"I can't believe Keith Richards outlived me."

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Are we sure Keith Richards is actually still alive?

Define alive.

The only reason he is still around is that Richards has technically embalmed himself after this time.

Gotta love a guy whose family is going to host a reunion for his "friends and lovers."

I have a feeling that 'beloved ex wife' will not be a phrase used in my ex-husbands obituary.

I really hope those aren't my last words. I prefer Gene's planned last words.

That's certainly better than the standard, "Hey, Vern, hold my beer and watch this!"

'Is muvver was named Guvnor?

Excellent last words indeed.

I drink to him.

I wanna party in hell heaven w/ this guy.

Will his remains be shot from a cannon in true gonzo style?

I do hope they put that on his tombstone.....wait, he probably won't have a tombstone.

someone should tell keith.

Keith has been dead for years. What's left is actually run with robotics. It's a patently-obvious by looking at the telltale signs of having been embalmed.

*Snorks* at catman... Where's cosanostradamus to link to the article about how Keith is actually being kept alive artificially in Area 51?

I have always hoped my last words would be, "Damn, that was fun."
Also, there is a man buried near my parents. I can't remember his name, but his nickname, "Stinky", is right there on the stone.
Gotta admire that but I have to wonder if he requested it or his family, after he was gone.

Great famous last words, but the best tombstone ever will be hard to top.

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