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June 30, 2009


The flesh-eating clock.

(Thanks to Jonathan)


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a vat of bacteria

IOW, my pool when I removed the cover this spring.

My browser has frozen twice now while trying to read this story, so I guess I'll never find out how to avoid this carnivoruous clock.

Braniff, it's also a browser-eating clock.

Time flies.

Braniff, me too!

When the alarm goes off, does it yell "Feed me, Seymour!"?

I am both facinated and horrified.

Only a man would think of something like this.

Who else read something besides clock the first time...?

"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies, on the other hand, prefer a banana."

So, just keep your window open and unscreened all day, and voila! Free energy. Brilliant!

Smear the flypaper with beer, set it out at the ball park...

What the hell happens for daylight savings time?

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