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June 29, 2009


The penguin still could not achieve flight.


(Thanks to Ralph)


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COffee outta my nose *SNORK* @ Dave!


I second that eeeeew and raise you a YUK!

He musta had the same burrito I had at Moe's last week.

I wonder who he was aiming at.

from the link, also winning an Ig Nobel prize in 2005...

AGRICULTURAL HISTORY: James Watson of Massey University, New Zealand, for his scholarly study, "The Significance of Mr. Richard Buckley’s Exploding Trousers."

*is completely unable to rouse self from a laughter-induced coma*


...And I wasn't previously aware that there was a market for penguin scat pics. The things you learn on the Internets...

Houston, we have a digestive problem.

Projectile pooping?

and this is why you shouldn't squeeze them.

As a mother, I can totally relate to the penguin Mom's reaction: Damn - I'm going to have to clean that up.

That's a pic worthy of a caption contest, IMO.

"Are the batteries on your penguin running out of juice too quickly? Try our new, rechargeable plug-in version with re'tract'able cord!"

Ah penguins. Though a freak series of events, I am now charged with finagling a grant to take the Biology Department to Antarctica to study penguins. Even better, the Biology Department doesn't have any inkling they are going, not yet anyways.

I was thinking of submitting the grant for real, just to watch the drama play out.

Just pull this string and it will waddle around and make baby penguin noises.

"I wasn't satisfied just with being gay. Oh, no, I had to adopt."

"While not achieving flight, the penguin did break the existing land speed record for excrement-powered flightless birds."

"It didn't look like that going in."

"The invention of high-speed photography finally shows its value."

If mud were a penguin...

Siouxie wins!

"Look! Killer Whale! Just kidding!"

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!!*

LOL it also reminds me of "silly string".

Revenge for this? [URL=http://www.gifbin.com][IMG]http://www.gifbin.com/bin/15g6454656.gif[/IMG][/URL]

lemme try again:


funny animated gif

Those guys on Mythbusters have gone too far this time.

Diva that would make an excellent caption contest!
"I $h!t in your general direction!"

A Nobel Prize was involved! Wow, they are easier to get than I thought! Races out of house to video blue tongue lizards pooping

That photo reminds me of our cat who's not feeling too well today. Or so says Denise after surveying his litter box.

I think we'd better let him skip line to the porta-potty. Or at least don't stand behind him.

THIS is why you should not feed them after midnight.

Personally, I would recommend this:

"You try eating nothing but arctic sushi and see what it does to YOUR internal system!"

And this page has more information:

That first picture "Hey? What are you looking at?"


And now we know why the Eskimo word for penguin defecation translates as "cummerbund too tight."

"COffee outta my nose *SNORK* @ Dave!"

The penguin wants to know if you'd like a little cream in that coffee, sxi.

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