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June 10, 2009


Duane Carrell, who has been checking the CorpseCam daily, reports that the corpse flower is not looking too perky. "It looks like it needs Viagra," Duane states.


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It not only looks like it needs some Viagra but would benefit from some CPR.

I spoke to my previously mentioned neighbor and his corpse flower is refractory now also.
Interestingly, he explained that he had lost his sense of smell when he had a stroke, which explains why he can abide that flower.

So, what kind of flowers do you send to its funeral?

I hearse it's been coffin a lot lately.

I am so glad I hit the link. I thought it would be a website devoted to looking at actual corpses.

A perfect candidate to replant in the Topsy-Turvy upside down planter: The Droopin' Corpse will rise again!

has it been 8 years already? wow.

corpse flour would be something entirely different.

*Does not want to know which pollinators are attracted to the "pungent dead animal odor" and REALLY has no desire to be within ten miles of the plant at all.*

Do we need CSI:Hothouse. Makes ironic pun puts on sunglasses and strikes pose.

cant wait to smell the corpse flower!!!!EXCITED!!!!


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