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June 30, 2009




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Dave, I say this kindly: What is withe the toilet obsession lately?


And yes, Toilet Obsession WBAGNFARB.

If he were English would he be a Loo Boffin?

If he were French, would he surrender?

and science marches on.

I'm surprised the Mythbusters haven't tried that one yet.

Can't help but think of the ONLY funny part of "Vegas Vacation"...Chevy Chase's encounter with the airplane toilet, and then his grand entrance at The Mirage with that blue dye all over his arm.

Twice we are warned not to try this ourselves.
This sort of thing is the province of the professional loo boffins*.

*moniker by Baron

I really hope he washed his hands after touching that toilet seat. But other than that, cool!

As Dave would say...it could "suck a mature sheep".

Quite cool though.

When I read the title, "Yikes" I thought maybe Dave had seen his new office. Which I hear, Dave, is very lovely and spacious.

So, if we were to get Barry Manilow on a plane and tie a rope ......

Or for a comparison, open your wallet up for the ticket agent in the concourse and watch how fast the airline sucks everything out of it in extra charges.

Since the Large Hadron Collider is down for repairs (they're raiding the world's refrigerators for magnets), we have a winner for this Nobel Prize in Physics.

The paper burns from this could be devastating.

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