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June 22, 2009


We're going to bomb the Moon.

Key Name of Concerned Human: Alfred Lambremont Webre

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I think I need to get out my tinfoil cap now . . .

WTF?? Didn't these idiots watch the ABC movie last night??

Careful, MKJ. They're watching this blog, you know....

is contrary to space law prohibiting environmental modification of celestial bodies.

Does this mean Jessica Alba can't have a boob job?

I, for one, welcome our lunar overlords. (I saw that movie last night - we're doomed!)

Bomb The Moon WBAGNFARB. Just sayin'

Seems to me like they could use a more creative and friendly name for this mission. Anyone have any ideas?

Meanie how about the 'Buddy Bomb'?

Webre is clearly a wing-nut. Why would NASA bother with such an expensive mission when they can do it for so much less on a soundstage like the first moon landing in 1969. And, what with all the advances in SFX since then, it'll be spectacular!

MtB: The rocket should be named "Buddy" (obviously) but the bomb part would have to be named "Alice" (geezer alert).

Well, of all things! Huh.

I thought we already bombed the Moon.

someone got it wrong. we're supposed to moon the bomb.


*Sits back and waits for imminent Tidal Waves of Death.*

A NASA illustration of the planned mission.

Wait a sec, how will this impact my new iPhone 3Gs? Examining minds want to know.

I will go along with a moon bombing if we do it with a giant pumpkin chucker. Because that would be cool. Plus I get to yank the cord that sets it off. And write my name on the pumpkin.

Guin, I am SO with you.

pad - So long as you don't mean "Punkin."

Lairbo - hand over the keys to the Geezer Bus, please.

PLEASE! Let's go back to putting "BOOBS on the Moon".

Putting Bombs on the Moon just isn't as good.



P.S. It's only one letter, I know, but all the paperwork has already been done for "Boobs on the Moon"

Diva: Okay, I'll hand over the keys, but I call shotgun!

Extraterrestrials on the dark side of the moon??! Who can see them?

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