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June 04, 2009


Positions are available.

(Thanks to Danny)


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What happens when you come home from a job like that? "Sorry honey, I gave at the office."

"We are an Equal Opportunity Employer."

"All of the Nevada Administrative Code is built on the female anatomy."

That might explain why Meanie the Blue never wins at poke-her.

I don't feel confident that my resume' is long enough.

“All of the Nevada Administrative Code is built on the female anatomy,” said Flint.
Must be tough to fax.

The minimum would be two hours....

What do you do for the other hour and fifty-nine minutes?

It's about damn time.

"We are looking for someone who has held numerous positions in the past -- Lots of hands-on experience -- trained in linguistics -- works well in a crowded environment -- no uniform required -- self starter, joint finisher -- willing to work overtime -- work from home is an option -- able to generate muliple repeat business --

Ladies?? Up to a little road trip to Vegas??

Flint said the concept also is “probably socially unacceptable.”

Right then.

Wow, they interview by position.

Meanie can't be here this morning. He has a job interview. Something about a new position that came up.

Already here. Woo-hoo!

Allen - Meanie's in the S&M room. He says you're late.

I think some of our male bloggers are overlooking the fact that some of their 'clients' might be other males. Kind of takes the shine off it doesn't it? Siouxie, I'm packed! When's our flight?


R.I.P. David Carradine


I forgot to add, NTTAWWT. And judi I'll bet they won't mention their mothers.

Now you know where the March of the Penguins is heading.

Allen - Meanie's in the S&M room. He says you're late.

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | June 04, 2009 at 10:21 AM

and not to forget to bring the cat-o-9 tails.

Can't believe this has not been said yet!

So she's trying to get her business up.

Siouxie from what I've heard, Allen carries the cat-o-9 tails in his back pants pocket. The problem with Meanie is he never knows which personality he's with.
I hate to hear that about David Carradine. I used to love that show, Kung Fu.

nursecindy - they might say, "Oh, Mommy!"

How many openings is she trying to fill?

Siouxie, Annie--Isn't there a saying about "Not enough room to swing a cat o' nine tails?"

My contract is specific--I'm booked for the "Bachelorettes Gone Wild" parties...

Shoulda read the fine print, Allen. That's a tranny convention. And I don't mean transmissions.

o/t I met David Carradine--studied Qigong with him and others for a weekend. Good actor, good, sly sense of humor. o/t

Siouxie and Annie. Should I ask Sharkie to send us a picture of his resume so we can look it over? He doesn't think it's long enough.

Does your pay get docked if you say to a customer, "Yeah, my mom does that, too"?

cindy, I'm sure it's adequate at least well-written.

Westward ho!

I'm confident that my resume is at least above average in size.

Think metric, Sharkie.

Davis said, adding that she is “looking for men in their early 30s to mid-50s” who are in good shape and want to entertain women."---Isn't every woman, really?

Cute, Sharkie.

“We feel this is an untapped resource,” she said.

Now Souixe can say "I'd tap dat"

Er .... wow. It does not pay to be a johnny-come-lately at this place (referring to this blog).

Who gets the tips?

The rabbi.

oy k

Meanie is back from his interview.

Are federal job-training dollars available? Can't Sen. Reid arrange for a bailout?

*packs luggage* Hey wait, I don't really need any luggage do I? See you in Vegas, ladies.

Master Meanie?? did ya get the job?

Jan, can we take your motor home???

I'll start polishing up my...umm...resume.

If the position "Reverse Cowgirl" is available, I'll apply for it.

So - will they take both male AND female clients? Cuz, like....EWWWW.

Well girls,up here in this remote corner of Maine there's nothing to disturb us and the rates are minimal.

Get a TV and we'll talk, Ron.

No tv.Not even for you,Cindy.

I have a computer and a lot of dvd's.I just picked up "Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe",starring none other than Buster Crabbe.

Just sayin', you might not want to go around admitting to having Crabbes. It could be bad for business.

What, and give up being an independent contractor?

DVDs work nicely. ;)

LOL Chris. true dat.

Any DVD's from the 20th century ron? How do you watch sports without a TV?

Hey ron, me and my RV will be visiting Punkin Poo in Maine in July. Bloglit gathering?

Not sure if this has been said yet but although that sounds like a good job I don't know how I could live on two dollars a month.

Wait--you mean THEY are going to pay US for this?! I've been had!

Annie--I don't see what you've got against a tranny convention...

Now I see why my wife and her girlfriends arranged a females-only trip to Vegas this summer.

You probably want to start working there after they visit Vegas, Jeff.

All this will lead to is a lot of senseless bickering over the TV remote.

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