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June 17, 2009


Enlarge female's breast obviously.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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I've always wanted to make breast up!

psssssssst...does it love you long time??

Minimum order is 1,000. It's cheaper to hire someone to do it for you.

I guess all the blogboys are out googlin' a video demo.

. . . breast enhancer effectively make breast up, dredge breast glands, eliminate blood stasis and effectively prevent women from breast diseases and flaccid . . .

Really, they are starting to ruin this for me.

I agree, Annie. I'd rather have Rrrrrrrrrrrrrolando do it after bringing the mojito.

Fathers' Day is cumming and this product line needs to be expanded, STAT. Guys also need stimulation, accelerate blood circulation and activate secretion through physical massage with forceful vibration balls. Guys need their glans dredged, and eliminate blood stasis and prevent flaccid. It will give us a wel-shaped figure, graceful and rounded.

I wonder if that place in Vegas provides breast massages?

The real question is? Is there a "happy ending" after the massage?

DPC - too many guys I know are already "well-rounded."

I prefer the natural massage. I guess I'm just old fashioned.

Only available in A cup? Sorry blogettes.

DaninlA - Not unless there are matching panties. ;)

I tried to resist but I can't. I have to say it:

I got yer "forceful vibration balls" right here!

Does this work for man boobs too?

Vibration balls???

What 'ladies' would turn down the chance to dredge breast glands and get better internal secretions?

Cindy's right, ladies--If you want your breasts massaged, all you have to do is ask, right? *G*

The prospect of jiggling while sitting still is appealing.

I have no comment.

Now where is my credit card?

Horace what exactly do you want jiggling while you are sitting still? Moobs?

cindy, Horace, like most men of the male persuasion, prefers to sit rather than use the "Pee Without Dignity Stool"...

Wow, I'd where it if only for the immunity from disease. This thing is a medical break through!

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