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June 26, 2009



(Thanks to Danny, who wonders if this could be done with squirrels)


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The most shocking thing to me is that it took four paragraphs for the writer to finally use the word "panda-monium".

THESE GUYS must have had way better drugs.

Once again, I will be unable to conjure up even a little sympathy when the trampling starts.

The people may have forgotten the elephants, but the elephants never forgot them.


*sits back and waits for the panda-stampede*

i can bearly stand it, they're sooooo cute!


Does anyone remember the
pink elephants
from Disney's Fantasia? It's one of my all-time favorite movies, and the elephant scene is one of the stranger ones. Very psychedelic for those days.

I also love Fantasia, Brian!

Although..I think those pink elephants were in Dumbo (see Meanie's link). Fantasia had the hippos.

And yes...I'm a Disney freak ;-P

I knew it! I always got in ana argument with my third grade teacher when I said Pandas were not bears!


Well Siouxie, the psychedelic part not withstanding, it's been a while since I actually watched the film, but according to the
Great Wiki-God
, there are hippos and elephants in The Dance of the Hours segment. And now that you have my brain working, I believe the hippos are in tu-tu's aren't they? Or are they the ones doing the can-can??? ; ) It's such a great movie!

*agrees with crossgirl*

Anybody else worried that Danny may actually try painting squirrels??

Once there was a pandaphant
Who tried to use the telephant.
No, no! I mean an elephone
Who tried to use the telephone.
Dear me...

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