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June 29, 2009


Video Shows Police Questioning Woman With Squirrel In Shirt


(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Wow! A new legal defense tactic for the blog ladies!

I have a friend (trust me, it ain't me) whose ramparts are so big...

(I know... "HOW BIG ARE THEY??)

Well. They are SO BIG, that she has to put a stuffed animal, whose name is "[Fill-in-the-blank-with-an-appropriate-word-that-thymes-with-kitty] Kitty," into her cleavage at bedtime. Evidently, they (her extra large ramparts) interfere with slumber otherwise.

Perhaps the squirrel lady is working on a live version?

But I hope the cops called PETA.

I believe that's a sugar glider and if it is, I used to do the same to mine (Flygirl) when I had one. They like being held close to you.

*waves @ KDF!!* LTNS!

Dave dave dave...Squirrels are not human therefore not entitled to human rights.

Isn't it obvious? That was her attorney.

But the reports says nothing about the beaver in her pants!

Is that a squirrel in your shirt or are you just happy to see me?

They're probably both terrorists (the woman and the squirrel, not her ... well, you know).

I really didn't have anything else to say, but after the blog (not The Blog) notified me that my comment had been posted, it commanded me to "Post Another Comment", so here it is.

Flash, send your bank account info to us.

Horace LaBadie, really!! This is a family blog. Funny comment though.

Police let the woman and her animal friend go.

But did they say hello to her little friend?

Also, Squirrel Cleavage may BAGNFARB but it is NOT a good luck for her.

*waves on back* :)

Maybe it's the new strapless wonderbra with the revolutionary 4 paws of support?

Hey, I'm going out to git me one of them durn things (dowm guys, I meant the critter!) for next time I'm in the jailhouse.

The court-appointed psychiatrist found her competent to stand trial, although a "little squirrelly."

What about the marmoset on her head?

It's heartwarming to see how well the squirrel got along with her puppies.

I think I saw the "Rampart Squirrels" open for Def Leppard once...

You just know she went back and indignantly told her friends, "Those pigs! They stared at my boobs the whole time!"

From an early version of "Basic Instinct," before Roseanne was dropped in favor of that ditzy blonde with the bowl of condoms next to her bed whose name I forget. Oh, yeah, Sharon Stone.

"Hey, Rocky, watch me pull you out from between my tats." (Is that too much of a stretch?)

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