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June 28, 2009



(Thanks to Ralph)


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This is why Lassie didn't come home.

You know, they never would havc made it if they hadn't changed their name from Sludge Lagoon to ABBA.

Is Kramfors near Malmo? Maybe he was being flashed by topless sunbathers and got distracted.

The Creature From The Brown Lagoon!

That could never happen in this country.

Horace--I always read that with the Hank Hill voice. "I tell you what."

I can almost understand how the man was this dumb, but the dog? Come on! A dog would know better wayyy before sinking into the pit. The dog had to be dragged along yelping and trying to get off of the dang leash. "It's okay, boy, it's okay."

Sorry, Timmy-Boy, you're on your own this time. I'm outta here.

(Kudos to Clank)

"What's that, Lassie? Timmy and grandpa fell in a sh!tp!t?"

"Mom, Doc says Timmy and grandpa are gonna' die!..."

people really name their dogs REX??? come on. if the doggie had a cool name, maybe they wouldnt have just wandered off into the sh*t hole...
just sayin.

They sometimes even name their quarterbacks Rex.

The newspaper is the Anger Man Land?

Did you notice that he phoned his wife and THEN ran naked into a pool to wash off most of the poo? I ask you this: where is his cell phone now? And how long did it take his wife to retrieve him (rim shot) and the most popular dog name (I googled it) is wait for it... REX!

I get laughed at because my tiny Chihuahua is named Bam Bam and my huge labrador is named Daisy. It suits them both however.

RICOLA! (Oh wait, that's Switzerland, my bad)

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