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June 28, 2009


Don't miss the video, featuring Plunger Bob.

(Thanks to Mary)


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What's with all the oilet and poop stories lately?

I like it sideways myself.

Jeff, a commentary on societly ass a whole.

Minus the "l".

I read a convenient guide once; if your girlfriend puts the paper on the roll the wrong way, it's a problem. If either of you doesn't use paper, it's a deal breaker.

Plunger Bob has it good.

"My wife likes it on top."

Lucky dude.

Meanie, maybe at night, but he's got a dirty day job.

Over the top is the only way. This sort of thing only encourages the heathen underslingers. This device is the work of Satan. Or some chick.

For some reason this reminds me of a cheer we used to do when I was an ugly child and I had to pay to be a cheerleader:

Over and under
Around and through!
Come on everybody and
Pull through!!

I change the tp in certain houses...as they do mine. It's childish and silly, but there is only one right way. (over) I'm also guaranteed a plastic/rubber spider, snake, rat or even worse, roach to surprise me when I least expect it.

Friends are nice.

Over the top is the only way. With this gadget not only would we ladies have to put the seats down but retilt the tp so it is going the correct way. I see many divorce's over this.

Over the top -- absolutely. The cleaning people in my office always replace the rolls the wrong way, and I'd love to hear a cogent argument for it.

With so many "over-the-toppers" on this blog, me being one, why do we face the problem of moms people around the world who install the tp wrong(ly?) the wrong way? For you "over-the-backers" (which WBAGNFA Gay RB...), your hand has to touch the wall, and you DON'T know where that wall has been...

This device could, quite possibly, save my marriage.

but, for those with small children, 'over-the-top' is easy for them to spin off a yard or two of t.p,...by the time they figure how to do same with the 'under-hand' configuration, they are (hopefully) old enough not to!

Insom, proving that over the top is the easier and more convenient way and under is for child proofing, like a pill bottle that won't open.

Sorry to disagree with all ya'llsess...butt...it's UNDER! Always has been for me.

I definitely prefer Over, but Under prevents the cat from unrolling the whole thing...

plunger bob rocks.

Inventions like this make me feel better. I have WAY to much free time on my hands, as many bloggers do and it is comforting to know that out there somewhere, some inventor is pottering about the tool sheet making useless objects for us all to comment on. Raise your glasses ladies and gents to salute the Lone Inventor! And yes, why all the recent spate of toilet/poop/etc., items? Is one of Dave's friends or children at that stage of life where if anyone says "bum" they go into fits of helpless laughter? bum...bum... he he he he he he he

Poor Bob. Looks like Viagra didn't renew his contract.

Or, maybe just leave the roll by the side of the pot so anyone can pick it up and unroll it any way he wants. TP logic.

Why do people get so worked up about this? So long as there's a bog roll handy when I need it, I don't care if it's over-hand, under-hand or standing on its end on the counter.

Will, that's entirely reasonable, rational, level-headed and mature. What the heck are you doing on this blog?

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