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May 22, 2009


Worms crawl in, don't crawl out at Calif. morgue

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Hey, don't complain, it cuts down on waste removal costs.

Dave, you're (not yore) off to an early start this a.m. - NTTAWWT.

A coroner in central California says his county's morgue is so maggot infested that the larvae are dropping from the ceiling.

Nice! I'm sure I saw that in a movie.

Maggot Infestation WBAGNFARB, of course.

Ooooooh what a feeling,
Maggots dancin' on the ceiling!

Yes, but do they play pinochle in the snouts?

I'm just thinking of the redolence in a morgue with no air conditioning.

I always thought drop ceilings were something different.

They invited the media, so why no video or a least some "juicy" pictures?

I expect the media were too busy puking to take pictures.

You want pictures, Clown Puppy? You want PICTURES?

OK - not sure if Dave will use this item or not, so here (WARNING - DO NOT LOOK IF YOU'RE EATING OR MAY EAT ANYTIME IN THE NEAR FUTURE) is The Maggot Man.

Key line: "I had been practising at home with rice for months but until that day I'd never had a mouth full of maggots."

Mouth Full of Maggots WBAGNFARB.

Another story I was going to send in but I was afraid it would be too gross for the blog. Should have thought about the 'snail boy' post. Jeff, I will pass on your link thankyouverymuch.

"But try to understand
Try to understand
Try try try to understand

I'm a maggot man."

Kinda like Hotel California??

Even the dead need air conditioning.

... something "too gross" for this blog!?


tsk, tsk

And you should their refrigerator.


Um, thanks for the pictures. Something tells me he doesn't, I least I hope he doesn't, have any groupies waiting for him after his gigs.

Try getting a contractor to install an AC system in that place.

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