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May 28, 2009


...also applies to ships.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Now if it was called the coXXchaser, it could have been the first all female Navy vessal.

INSECT-class river gun boat??????!!!!!

*now understands origins of important nautical term AARRRRRRRRGH!!!*

But what of her sister ship, the Twatscraper? I believe her ship's surgeon was Dr. Papschmear.

I understand she had a dry hold.

That must hurt. Not as much as C*ckwaxer, though.


*is reminded that ships are considered feminine*

The Cockchafer traveled in a convoy with the tender ship, HMS KY Sensations...

Another member of the convoy.

Gee, I don't think I can Titan it any further...

*SNORK* Steve - and thanks for the information. I'm sure the men here will be relieved to know that bugs can do such a thing.

The first mate must have it rough. NTTAWWT.

The cockchafer (colloquially called billy witch...)

'Willy Bitch' would be more apropos.

And for those of you who wear your emoptions on your sleive...

"It left the stockyards 145 feet long at the time of deployment, but with shrinkage it is actually 95 feet."

Ha! Had the same thought, trustf8.

I bet it was also full of seamen.

Cockchaffing really sucks.

Does this "Cockchafer" have anything to do with the undies thread a ways back?

*borrows Siouxie's hairflip*

The name is even funnier as the actual meaning refers to a hideous bug. Who would want to Christian a ship after something we have an uncontrollable desire to squish under our boots?

And why would someone name a bug after a penis?

Chafer means beetle. Cock means what you think it does. I could not find any etymological sources for why the bug reminded people of roosters, save one which states "Because of size".

I just ordered a T-shirt.

Can't wait for the conversations!!

"Chafer? I hardly knew 'er..."

I'm staying home.Away from HMS'S.

I hear there's a cream for that. Meanie told me. Jeff told him.

... dated her in college...

Isn't this just another name for a female or gay Nynpho? NTTAWWT

... had to pay extra...

issnt that one of the 7 dirty words?

To avoid this, you must have proper steerage...

Silk boxers will make it better.

I wear silk boxers frequently. They are the most comfortable ones I have.

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