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May 19, 2009



(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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"Springtime for asparagus in Germany" -- everyone join in!

"White asparagus" makes it a racist hate crime...

Edible Ivory" - McCartney did that, right?

Strawberry season is coming here soon.Time to practice my straight right.

psssst, buddy, i gots some of the good stuff. pure. 100%. i'm talking white, man, white asparagus, uncut. it's the good stuff, dude, only for my best buds.

Now if she offered him Brussels sprouts I could understand him hitting her.

ron, I was thinking the same thing. Wait'll he sees the price on the strawberries.

The customer is always right is now officially not the case. The customer can be an a-hole occasionally.

I never understood why asparagus makes some people's urine smell funny...not that that has anything to do with this story, but I thought I would mention it.

I like asparagus but I'm not going to beat somebody up for it. btw, did this moron get arrested or did the police just figure the seller had it coming for charging too much? Scott some people lack a certain enzyme which breaks down asparagus during digestion. If you lack this enzyme your urine will smell. See how much you can learn on the blog?

Spargle is DEFINATELLY an important season in Germany.

So is BEER SEASON - which lasts all year!

Scott, it's actually makes everyone's urine smell the same - it's a genetic thing whether an individual can smell it or not. I just had a family dinner where a good hour of converation revolved around this topic. We stopped short of smelling each others asaparapee, but several of us did visit the potty, finding out that me, my brother and my nephew can smell it, while my sister-in-law and my nephew's girlfriend cannot.

Cindy and Cowprintrabbit: That is absolutely awesome information. Thanks for that. Seriously, I love this blog...

I love this blog as well. My comments may not be loveable, but I love it. BTW, I can smell the asparagus in my urine, also multi-vitamine urine in the morning. My wife can not.

Ken: Vitamins don't change the smell for me, but they DO make it a very bright yellow (as I like to refer to it, "light sabre yellow"). Probably TMI, but hey...we're all friends.

Slinks in

Am I the only one who thinks these are vaguely naughty-looking?

Oh, and the perp is most definitely an a-hole.

I hope those links worked. Typepoop is being moody again and I can't see them.

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