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May 20, 2009



(Thanks to Mr. Ken Layne at Wonkette)


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I can't believe you didn't make this a Caption Contest...

Nice hook shot Captain.

I thought Somalis wore flowing robes.

Pirate: Aye, it's a fine mess we're in! We're runnin' out of booty!
President: Have you tried Craigslist?

When President Obama informed CEO John Silver that his corporation only qualified for $68 billion, Silver replied, "ARRRRG!"

So a pirate and his parrot walk into the Oval Office. President Obama looks at them and says, "Hey! You can't come in here with that thing!!"

The parrot looks at Obama and replies, "Well, then I guess I'll have to sh!t on your carpet!"

President Barack Obama confers with the new White House Chef de Cuisine as to final menu arrangements for the dinner honoring the Commander of the Somalian Navy.

I'm here all week. Try the veal.

Pelosi isn't looking too good.

I think a little pixie dust would fix this whole economic mess

He's wearing gaiters instead of boots ! SACRILEGE !

He got in with the Frogmen!

Peter's got a whole new book coming out, right Dave?

He stole that parrot from my shed!

That's Joe Biden. They're now making the parrot speak on his behalf.

Glad to see Joe finally decided to color his hair.

Curses! Foiled again!

I think the President is asking him where he got those b*tch'en pants.

Suddenly the President understands why his teleprompter had nothing but a long string of RRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs on the monitor.

Dave's old rival for the presidency, Captain Morgan, meeting with his other old rival in the White House? This can't be good for the 2012 election.

Captain Morgan has apparently been promoted to Sec. of the Navy.


Steve Martin in ON American Idol!!


From the comments section of Wonkette:

snideinplainsight says at 12:37 pm, May 20th, 2009
- ReplyOh boy, here we go - Arrrrrr, Arrrrr, Arrrrrr! Curse you, Dave Barry, for taking pirate mockery out of the realm of the cool kids, and cheapening it, making it a thing of tarnish and mental rot. Not a single morsel of wit is left to be uncovered in a realm left as miserable and barren as a salt flat.


"Mr. President, my industry's position on that would be AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!"

Nah, it's just the bankers again.

More ha-ha's: Funny names in the news:

It's a high level summit to discuss whether the sun is above or below the yardarm.

He sure doesn't look Somali.

This is *not* my father!

And what's up with the little plastic "hooker" on his hand? Can't he afford a real one?

If he were a *real* pirate, he would have burned down the White House, stolen the silverware, and not posed for a photo-op!

I'm hereby revoking his membership in the PGA (Pirate Guild of America). Quick, Siouxie and Annie? Confiscate his balls!

"If he were a *real* pirate, he would have burned down the White House, stolen the silverware, and not posed for a photo-op!"

Hey...we Canadians burned down the White House in 1829, and look where that has got us....both countries last month just started another trade war...

OK it was 1812, not 1829...but you get my drift

We all know the Wall Street wankers are pirates, it's good to see them dress the part

BTW, I think Wall Street Wankers WBAGNFARB.

Obama: I really appreciate your ideas, Captain, but I don't think it would be cost effective to change the nations' currency to dubloons.

So, you're a lefty bowler, I take it?

while looking for help to remove the brine filling his ship, the pirate captain was surprised to learn that in washington a bailout has nothing to do with water removal.

Ha ha cg.

Gietner dressed in appropriate clothing provides Pez Obama more tips on how to rape and pillage a country. Arrrrrrg

"See, I told you sitting down and talking to them would work."

Ohhhhhh... So, he is willing to talk to pirates... provided that they are domestic ones... I get it...

excellent, cg! Mot, YES! :)

I think that looks like Scratchy the Pirate from Spongebob.

Once again, President Obama makes an attempt to reach out to the Republican party!

Let me guess, the guy on the left is dressed that way because he wasn't watching his credit rating?

Professional pirate vs. amateur pirate.

They finally found a uniform that fits for Rahm.

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