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May 29, 2009


Dogs can fly.

(Thanks to trustf8)


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Cavorting canines WBAGNFARB

someone tossed that beagle. (not a eumphemism) not cool.

my big stinky dog doesn't fly but she does draw them.

I wish I could add a picture of my dog flying, our film just isn't fast enough.

Flying Rottweiler:

Knife man gets reduced sentence after dog bite to testicles

At my house if you want to see a dog fly you just get a piece of American cheese out of the fridge and start taking the wrapper off. By the time you've started peeling the wrapper off you have a 100 lb. lab flying from the living room and dancing in the kitchen. This is the same dog that suddenly becomes deaf when out in the yard and you're yelling "come here d@mmit!"

♫ Speed of lightning, roar of thunder,
Fighting all who rob or plunder
Underdog, Underdog... ♪

Who says cats can't fly??

Title of the homepage at FlyingTaco:

Funny, Girls, Babes, Jokes, Videos, Photos, Celebrities, Humor and other keywords people type into Google

IANMTU, BMHE (but maybe he is)

*SMACKS* Steve for stealing the link I was GONNA post!

My labrador has it all screwed up because he takes to the air when he sees water. Have plenty of aerial shots of him but his landings are not so impressive.

for Siouxie

Awww..poor kitty!! I want to see the video of the cat ripping that guy's face off after landing. Sheesh.

I should take some pictures of my cat "flying" off my bed when we play fetch.

someone say "poor kitty"...?

That picture with the dog and the sign is cute.

*SMACKS* Steve twice. Once for each video. I'm not a cat person but that's just mean.

My 70 pound puppy (Alaskan malamute) took a flying leap off the bed this morning and nailed me head first in gonads. While I lay curled up in a ball on the floor for 20 minutes, she chewed my feet!

God could not be everywhere.
That's why he created dogs.

Posted by: Past owner of 2 shelties, a golden, 1 cockapoo, & currently a shihtzu & a chin/shiht mix*

*yes, haha a shi*t and a half.

How's about yoos guys?

Cindy, I am a cat person and I thought the kittens were cute...

Like this better?

Okay Steve. That was better but I think my blood sugar went up watching it. Very cute though.

Several parsecs beyond TFC, imho, 'cindy ...

But I love the foto (in Dave's original link) of the dog with wings ,,, reminds me of our Westies and their laid-back style of quiet contemplation ...

trustf8 -- mongrel, son of mongrel, Lab (black), AB (ankle-biter, fergit the subspecies of Terror ... um ... Terrier), St. Bernard/Collie mix, Irish Setter, son of Irish Setter(s), another Black Lab, Westies (three of 'em, thru a span of 23 years), GSP, Basset ...

Names of above: Oscar, Toby, Jeannie, Barfy, Brandy, Muffy, Red Rover, Sugar, Raggs (Connemara's Woodlawns Raglan), Maggie (Lady Margaret Thatcher), Shelby (Lady Shelby Kay McBear), Desireé, Arthur Guinness ...


Fergot about Diana (the Huntress) ... Chocolate Lab (in between Red Rover and Raggs, approximately) ... dumber than gravel ... chewed or ate everything on the property ... so, she wuz gone so soon, I'd fergot about her ...

Please note the link below the pictures about what one should or should not do while viewing posterior pictures of oneself....

trustf8 - raised by black lab/husky mix; currently have black lab/border collie mix and the all black kind of belgian shepherd

OtheU - above mentioned belgian shep. also eats everything nailed down or not, sometimes I wonder how long he'll be around...

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