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May 27, 2009


The PowerLoo

(Thanks to many people)


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Loo, Loo
Skip to mah power loo
Loo, Loo
Skip to mah power loo
Loo, Loo
Skip to mah power loo
Skip to mah loo, mah darlin'

As opposed to the flush toilet already installed (hopefully) in your home?

...or you can wait till your dog eats his own poop.


Be there
or be Jake's poo-on-ur-shoe

'dammit Jake!'

My husband would try to train the dog to use it directly.

Dorakay, I thought that was the whole point of the loo - to make the dog USE it.

Did anyone click on the video, or am I the only idiot here???

"It's environmentally friendly" - yeah, because flushing plastic bags down your drain is a really good idea.

It's amazing they haven't figured out what the REAL market should be...for use on London streets when the bars let out.

Lastly, wasn't the name of the product a hit by Abba?

Power Loo for doggy doo.

Another solution: get a cat instead.


(The soundtrack is a catching little ditty called "Cat Crap Fever.")

Siouxie, I thought that also, then I watched the video. Then I laughed at the thought of my male dog looking at it and "marking" the lid.

LOL Dora. My male dogs would take turns peeing all over the lid too.

While my CAT is in the corner going...buahahahaha!!!

I just let my Lab use the neighbors yards. When the sun goes down, we go out. (Not really)

*pictures cindy's poor dog having to cross his legs all day*

When it dries up, poo is good for chipping practice over the fence. Don't need no stinkin' loo.

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