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May 20, 2009


Operating like a sort of Wikipedia for the boring bits of films, it lets users nominate moments in films where the plot dawdles, and urination may safely take place. An approximate point in the film's running time is given for each pee-opportunity, along with a brief description of what you'll see onscreen when the toilet-window opens.

The runpee.com site is here.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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I've never used a toilet-window before. At least, not when I've been sober, anyway.

What about movies where the entire thing is a "pee opportunity"?


*uncrosses legs, runs for Ladies room*

Isn't that what the *PAUSE* button is for?...

In the spirit of Jeff's question, I nominate "Steel Magnolias." It's 117 minutes long. You can start peeing at 00:01 and probably should zip up and return for the closing credits at about 116:30.

There's got to be a great Waterworld/making water quip out there but the coffee hasn't kicked in yet.

Danny, I would have suggested "Titanic," but then again I was asleep the whole time, so I guess the bathroom break wouldn't really fit in...

I tend to be driven by inspiration, i.e., a dam bursting, waves crashing, being hit by a Big Rain Storm...very effective on the big screen.

Ok..can't you all pee BEFORE the movie starts??? sheesh

Just watch it on the tv in the bathroom. Duh.

Speaking of boldly going, has anyone seen the new Star Trek movie?

My better half pees during Halmark presentations and comes back for the commercials.

^ l

fiwer, yes, at least Suouxie and I saw it, I was surprised how much I liked it

... and maybe there are other things to do during movies than pee? Just askin

so...the rest of you don't just make do with the empty popcorn tub?

fivver, yes! Loved it.

cg - ewww

Jeff, go back and read their suggestions on 'Hannah Montana'
Allen, movie theaters don't have remotes with a pause button. They have 'talkies' now too!

It's supposed to be empty?

CG be careful when you do that that you don't bend the "butter stick".

Ok...who broke the blog??

blog's broke? sounds like a good time to go pee. mark this 11:35 so others will know.

So it wasn't just me that couldn't get on the blog there for a few minutes? I almost panicked. Apologies to neighbors for running out in yard yelling, "The blog is broken! The blog is broken!"

I know!! I panicked too.

Huh? Spammers are not welcome here. Shoo! Go away!

Wonder what they have to say about "Flushed Away"? Probably have to watch that in the bathroom.

A link to a youtube.com bubblegum music video is spam? The video has historical significance as to the history of puberty, it's causes and effects specifically.

NOTE FROM DAVE TO WHOEVER POSTED THIS: Please don't identify yourself on this blog as just "dave," OK? It confuses people.

Many apologies Dave. I thought it was a spammer.

Um Dave was that really you "it's causes and effects?" From a Haverford grad?

wanted to go to Haveford but had to apply to Bryn Mawr

Hee hee, then note my own punctuation!

("that's entertainment")

you squirm in a seat that's a joke
'cause you drank, all your 40-ounce Coke
you have fears, the dam waters have broke
you've lost containment!

you ask your wife when this damn movie ends
while your guts are undergoing the bends
you vow next time, you'll wear some 'depends'
you've lost containment!

you need a sign when the boring parts start
(praise the Lord, you don't need to fart!)
if the plot's more involved than 'Paul Blart'
wait for the DVD
so if you've got to pee
you'll keep containment!

Most entertaining, insom!!

I'm showing runpee.com as 403 forbidden, and the error page is 403 forbidden as well.

So has anyone found a way to do this for "24" yet?

I'm searching for runwatchtwoorthreequartersofthemagiccavaliersgame.com. Either that or runwatchdiehard2onanothertvset.com

So, it's forbidden to pee, now???

OMG! Life is imitating art - my daughter is currently in the musical "Urinetown", where everybody has to pay to pee.


Urinetown? Me, too! How long are you staying?

One word. TIVO. It solves all toilet related problems.

Punkin, I saw that play. Interesting, in an Orwellian way. I enjoyed it.

'course now i'm banned from movie theaters since i misheard their jingle as "let's all go in the lobby." and i followed their advice...

That being said, I remember going to see the wonderful, LONG "Lord of the Rings" trilogy (or as I refer to them, the "Bladderbusters"). Credits, hell--our elbows were sharp as we fought to the restrooms...

RunPee creator here: sorry the site is down. I contacted the host and they're on it.

HURRY!! I can't hold it much longer!!

The site is back up!

what did I miss, I was in the bathroom...

There's a site (I forget the name) that tells you at what exact second nuditity shows up on screen. I think they should cross-reference with this one.

Layzee, wrong, wrong, wrong... you don't tease the bloggers and excuse it by saying, "I forget the name"... It just isn't done...

HEY! This site recommends we leave "Terminator" at the START of a running gun battle/car chase! Excuse me--why else would be at this movie?!?...

My favorite part of the Terminator movies is the very beginning when Arnold comes to earth and he's nekkid.  I've almost worn out that part of the dvd. 

I suppose it isn't necessary to list everything on Lifetime.

I once walked by the TV which was tuned to something on Lifetime. I stopped for a couple of minutes and there were two characters sitting in a room talking. When I went by again an hour later, they were still there, still talking.

somehow, cindy, this revelation does not surprise me...

Added to " Indiana Jones " Screenplay:

( Indy uses the Staff of Ra to determine the location of the ark. Before leaving the map room, however, he realizes he has to pee. He goes to the corner of the room and relieves himself for five minutes. )

" Raiders " theme music plays here.

Theater empties out as audience takes an opportune potty break.

The absolute worst tv show to watch if you need to go is "Fringe". Their commercial breaks are only 60 seconds. My dilemma - get more wine or recycle the wine. Can't do both.

Siouxie, that's the paradox of life. To get more of, or to get rid of. Luckily I have been blessed with a half gallon, iron kidney. For you I would suggest what most any guy would think of after a period of deep thought in the potty.

Un TV del bano.

; )

For what it's worth, here's the Gizmodo take on RunPee...

And Layzeeboy, I don't know what website you're referring to, but I'd look up this book by Craig Hosoda which gives you minutes-and-seconds time points into for even partial nudity (sorry, babes only). If only he would come out with a more recent edition than 2001 ...! (Actually if I remember correctly, the very early editions had male nudity too, but the book just got so big...)

Finally, for Siouxie, you may be happy to learn that according to TV Guide TPTB at Fringe have decided to forgo the 60 and 90 second breaks and just pad out with commercials like everyone else starting next season. You may have noticed they did this anyway on their final break in each episode...

OK, as I call up the comments, it looks like once again Type sh!t and die has taken it upon itself to delete my HTMLs -- italics too apparently. So here is the linky for Gizmodo:


and here's the Hosoda book:


You may need a box of HTML Helper...

... or URL Helper, still not sure what's the diff ...

Steve, I'm about to turn typecrap into a hamburger helper meal.

BTW, I didn't notice the longer breaks. I trained myself to sprint to the kitchen and back in less than 60 secs. Bathroom breaks were less hectic as it is closer ;-)

Brian - I also trained myself to 'go' quickly!

I push the pause button when it's time for a pee break.Same with a sandwich break or a nap or a good night's sleep or a week's vacation.

Already that site is having a bad influence on me. "Vertigo" is on TCM -- only one of the greatest movies ever made -- and as Stewart is tracking Novak through museums and churches, all I can think is "Pee break here; pee break here; MASSIVE pee break here. . . ."

Who do you think your are talking too? Tell it to your mother.

Siouxie, I liked the timed breaks on Fringe. Anyway, just pause the DVR or rerun it to the part you missed.

*sigh*, Dave, "Too whom do you think your are talking?"

little dave's mom probably sent him to bed, Tash.

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